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Proposed Cluster of Excellence


River ecosystems in the Anthropocene

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REASONS: Proposed Cluster of Excellence

River ecosystems in the Anthropocene

Sustainable Water Management

Rising temperatures, antibiotic residues, droughts and flooding: worldwide, rivers are increasingly under pressure. To prepare them for the challenges of the future, researchers from the proposed Cluster of Excellence REASONS are developing a new, sustainable concept for the management of freshwater ecosystems. The interdisciplinary research team is led by Prof Dr Bernd Sures (UDE), Prof Dr Torsten Claus Schmidt (UDE) and Prof Dr Martina Flörke (Ruhr-Universität Bochum).

Using new measurement and analysis methods, the REASONS water experts are investigating the basis for sustainable river management that integrates stressors such as climate change, environmental pollution and changes in biodiversity. A striking novelty of this approach is the fact that it places the changing system at the centre, identifying innovative ways of dealing with sometimes irreversible changes to freshwater ecosystems.

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