Academic calendar

The academic year at German universities is divided into winter semester and summer semester.

Winter semester:     1st October - 31st March

Summer semester:  1st April - 30th September

Each semester is divided into lecture and lecture free periods. The dates of lecture period as well as holidays vary from semester to semester. Exams are usually taken in the first weeks of the lecture free period:

Summer semester 2023:       

Lecture period: 3rd April 2023 - 14th July 2023

Winter semester 2023/2024:

Lecture period: 9th October 2023 - 2nd February 2024

Holidays: 30th May 2023 (Pentecost/Whitsun) and 21st December 2023 - 5th January 2024 (Christmas holidays)

See also (in German): Current dates and deadlines.


Public holidays in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany:

Public holidays



New Year's Day

1st January

1st January

Carnival Monday

20th February 12th February

Good Friday

7th April

29th March

Easter Monday

10th April

1st April

Labour Day

1st May

1st May

Ascension Day

18th May

9th May

Whit Monday

29th May

20th May

Corpus Christi

8th June

30th May

German reunification

3rd October

3rd October

All Saints

1st November

1st November


25th - 26th December

25th - 26th December