Foto Ilka Sommer

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (Post-Doc) im DFG-Projekt Travelling knowledge: the glocalization of medical professional knowledge and practice“


Current DFG-Project: Travelling knowledge. The glocalization of medical professional knowledge and practice

Duration: 01.07.2018-31.01.2021
Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Tao Liu, Prof. Dr. Anja Weiß
Research Team: Dr. Ilka Sommer, Benjamin Quasinowski, Sarah Weingartz


Research Interests

My interest in social relations has made me a sociologist and engaging in sociology has systematically deepened this interest.

In my postdoctoral qualification I concentrate on the question how multidimensional social relations between the Self and the Other are negotiated in and through a research project and how reflexive sociology potentially contributes to the transformation of social relations.

In my dissertation on the recognition of foreign qualifications in Germany I have shown that the entanglement between the researcher and the object of study is not something that necessarily has to be swept under the carpet for the sake of scientific authority. Systematic self-reflection during the research process can be used productively to generate new creditable knowledge in the social sciences.

The international comparative and interdisciplinary DFG project “Travelling knowledge” offers excellent chances to reflect on the multidimensional social relations at work in relation to scientific perceptions and findings. Moreover, the project resonates with my research interests in globalization, social inequality, professionalism and international migration as well as my methodological strengths in constructivist theory building and qualitative research.