Service: Polymer Analysis by means of Size Exclusion Chromatography SEC

SEC is a well known method for the characterization of polymers. The modular constructed SEC systems can be adapted to special applications. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Systems SEC 2 Aqueous SEC3 Organic
Columns and pre-Columns PSS SUPREMA analytical linear M (8 x 300 mm) 10 μm; Acrylate copolymer PSS GRAM analytical linear (8 x 300 mm) 10 μm; Polyester copolymer
Mobile Phase Water + NaN3 0,01 M DMAc + LiBr 0,01 M
Separation Range [kDa] 1.0 – 1000 0.5 – 1000
Detectors Refractive Index
Shodex RI 101
Coupled Differential Viscometry and Refractive Index
Column Oven Temperature 40 °C  60 °C
Calibrations Dextran (narrow distribution) PMMA (narrow distribution)
Injection Autosampler Agilent 1260 Infinity (100 Samples) Knauer manual injector
Applications PEG, Dextran, Membrane sieve curve analysis Different polyamides, different polyesters, and other polar (cationic) polymers


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