Tools and Essentials

We have put together a few useful tools to support you in your academic studies and give you a better insight into the exciting field of turbomachines. Enjoy!


We created a Tool „Geschwindigkeitsdreiecke“ (velocity triangles) to help you draw Geschwindigkeitdreiecke, understand the connection between the characteristics of turbomachinery and the triangles and get an idea of the mutual relationship between blade profiles and Geschwindigkeitsdreiecke.

Tool Geschwindigkeitsdreiecke


You can use the tool „Geschwindigkeitsdreiecke“ to

  • check yourself in the learning process or in the preparation for the exam
  • get an idea of the flow velocities under given marginal conditions

    Check the sketch for operating instructions.


Tool Visual


Bonus: The Tool „Visual“


  • To be able to imagine the impellers of axial and radial machines
  • To be able to learn wherever and whenever you like

Do you want to know more about the creation of the tool? Check our press release.

Feedback or reports of usage problems please send to Katharina Tegethoff.

VR Video

For its newest VR-project, the chair has visualized its four-stage axial compressor called eco.MAC. In the video below, you can see a simulation of the test rig’s wet compression at the inlet nozzle and the water injection behind the first stator. Note, however, that interstage injection is possible at all stators.

Due to the evaporation of the injected water, an isothermal compression process is approximated. As a result, the absorbed power of the compression process is reduced, which causes a considerable increase in efficiency.

With the help of virtual reality, students and industrial partners can explore the inner workings of our test benches and testing equipment. 

Lade den Film...

Useful Literature

The following literature is recommended for further study and review of the material covered in the lectures of the Chair.
(status: 2021)

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