Curriculum - Transnational ecosystem based Water Management


TWM is a two-year Master program (M. Sc.) and comprises a total of 120 ECTS credits. The program is divided into three consecutive sections:

Section 1 provides the background and theoretical knowledge of water management during a series of compulsory, elective-compulsory and optional courses. The section spans 1.5 years (= three semester terms) and comprises 74 ECTS credits. The compulsory courses encompass ecology, economy, engineering, natural and management sciences (60 ECTS Credits). The optional courses will assist you broaden your water management-related expertise, for example, with courses on hygiene and sanitation or international environmental laws (14 ECTS Credits).
The first two semesters are taught at UDE and RU. You can chose between both universities for the third (and fourth) term individually, to meet your preferences. After successful completion of Section 1, you are eligible for Section 2.

Section 2 comprises the internship  (12 weeks, 16 ECTS Credits) and belongs to the second year (third semester). The internship aims to let you gain insight into practical water management, for example, at a water board or public water authority. The internship also trains you develop and elaborate your own water management project. After successful completion of Section 2, you are eligible for Section 3.

Section 3 is your Master Project in the second year (fourth term, 30 ECTS Credits). You will finish the section—and the whole program—with the submission of your Master Thesis. Any water management-related topic will be eligible for the Master project, which moreover is not spatially bound to UDE or RU; you are free to chose any institution or authority worldwide to do your Master project. The parallel supervision by researchers from both TWM universities ensure a high quality standard for your Master Thesis.