TWM has been conceived as a two-year international master’s degree program.
The program comprises a total of 120 ECTS credits.

It is divided into three phases (see also: Schedule):

During Phase 1, theoretical knowledge and application are taught in mandatory and optional courses. Phase 1 lasts 1 year and comprises 60 ECTS credits. Phases 2 and 3 belong to the second year of the Master program and comprise 30 ECTS credits each.

Within the Phase 2 a series of optional-compulsory courses have to be chosen from the module Optional Courses, altogether summing up to an effort of 14 ECTS credits. Many courses comprise both, theory (lectures) and practice (practical courses, field trips).

Besides, there is always a substantial amount of time reserved for self-studying and preparation for examinations.

The other part of Phase 2 is dedicated to the internship (16 ECTS Credits). The internship aims at practical application of the knowledge gained during the first year. The student will be able to start building his/her own network at external institutions during the internship.

Phase 3 is fully dedicated to the Master Thesis.