Why an Internship? The Goals

TWM aims at educating the future water managers. To achieve this goal, practical education and application of the knowledge, tools and methods is required. The Internship will help you identify water-related challenges and tasks and train you to identify appropriate solutions, together with practitioners.

What is an Internship? The Content

Any water management-related topic is eligible. The ideal TWM internship is a well-defined and independent task, developed by the student in cooperation with his/her supervisor at an external water management institution/authority. This set-up facilitates the elaboration of the internship report, which also constitutes an exercise for the final Master Thesis.

Where can I do Internships? The Location

The clear recommendation regarding the location of your Internship is: be practical! You should look for a water board, NGO, private enterprise, governmental institution, international or other authority that is dealing with practical water and water resources management. Any location is eligible, as long as TWM quality standards are being met.

Find more about the Internship here (TWM Guidance).