Moodle is UDE's system to organise course contents and communication online. Moodle provides easy access to all documents and data relevant for a course or lecture. Moodle's communication tool ensures a reliable communication between students and lecturers.


LSF is the online curriculum of UDE. It provides an overview of all courses offered by the university and helps find the relevant course dates, times and room numbers.


myUDE is an Application for smartphones that provides easy access to all information about UDE. The App assists students navigate at the campuses. Versions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 are available.

Campus Maps

Campus Essen & Campus Duisburg
Campus Nijmegen


Where to stay?

General information on housing is offered by UDE::
Welcome service UDE for international guests (accommodation)

General information on housing in and around Nijmegen:
International Office accommodation service RU.

Useful Links

Department of Aquatic Ecology (UDE)
Department of Environmental Science (RU)
Department of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology (RU)
Institute for Water and Wetland Research (RU)
Centre for Water and Environmental Research (UDE)
International Office (UDE)
International Office (RU)