The archive of the Duisburg-Essen University, which was opened on 26/04/2006, receives and keeps, as a department of the University Library, papers and other documents produced by the administration and by the research and teaching activities of all areas of the University, including its preceding institutions, to the extent that they are suitable for permanent preservation. In future, they will be analysed and made available for research into the University and the history of science. In order to document as many aspects of University life as possible, the Archive collects, in addition to administrative documents, material of private origin. It therefore also accepts bequests from professors or collections of photographs, flyers, posters and correspondence. Since the acquisition of holdings has just begun, it is possible to use the Archive at present only in special cases and after previous notice.



Duisburg-Essen University Library
Department University Archive
Geibelstr. 41
47057 Duisburg



Head of archive:
Kristin Kalisch
0203 / 379-4492

Elke Donath
Dipl.- Archivarin
0203 / 379-4381

Fax: 0203 / 379-2064


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