Terms of use: library regulations

Library regulations of the University Library (UL) and

User regulations of the Centre for Information and Media Services (CIM) of the UDE

The German Version of the Libray and User regulations is the only legally binding version.


§1 Coverage

University Library (UL) and Centre for Information and Media Sevices (CIM)


§2 Registration

(1) Registration and activation of your card will be done after you have appeared in person and rendered your passport and a recent registration of residence (not older than 6 months) to verify your address.

You agree with our Library and User regulations by the registration act.

(2) Members of the Duisburg-Essen University are admitted by their academic status.

(3) Special admittance

  1. Members of other Universities (or scientific institutions): whenever the place of residence of these persons is the Federal Republic of Germany.
  2. Other natural persons or natural persons acting for corporate bodies. Rights may be restricted with respect to group mentioned in §2 (2).
  3. Minors, beginning at the age of 16, with written consent of a legal agent. Minors rights may be restricted by the law for the protection of the youth.

(4) Admittance is good for research, academic teaching and studies as well as for advanced training or for other academic duties. Different terms of use may be granted.

(5) Personal identifiers (library or student’s card, password) must not be passed to anybody else.

(6) Electronic addresses may be used legally binding by the University Library (UL) or the Centre for Information and Media Services (CIM) for administrative tasks. Written consent is necessary.

(7) The administration of the University Library (UL) or the Centre for Information and Media Services (CIM) are entitled to restrict users’ rights.


§3 Expiration of membership

(1) Admittance will end

    a) for students: with the date of removal from the register of students.
    b) for other University members: when finally leaving the Duisburg-Essen University.
    c) for other persons: with the expiration date of the admittance.
    d) by exclusion (Cf. §15).

(2) Before cancelling your admittance, you have to return all hitherto borrowed media to UL and CIM and your library card to the UL.

(3) Unpaid fees will not be cancelled automatically.

(4) Former members of the University may be allowed to benefit from several services of the UL or CIM, even when finally off duty - Cf. §3 (1b) – according to recommendations of the directors of the UL and the CIM. This special allowance will be granted by the rectorate.


§4 Storage of personal Data

(1 – 2) Storage of personal data is done according to legal regulations with consent of the directors of the UL and the CIM.


§5 User rights and obligations

(1 – 2) Any admitted person may benefit from the library services as reported in these Library Regulations. Entering the UL or CIM rooms means to acknowledge the Library Regulations. Admittance purposes (Cf. §2 Abs.4) are to be respected. Any inappropriate conduct will be prosecuted. The University Library’s staff is entitled to control the library (or student’s) card and instruct users on proper conduct. In case of disregard, the Library’s staff may dismiss non obedient persons.

(3) Admitted persons are responsible for their proper conduct and may by no means rely on the University Library.

(4) Bags, overcoats, umbrellas, and luggage must not be taken into the library. In the rooms of UL and CIM, utmost silence is obligatory. Mobiles must not be used. Smoking and eating are not allowed; drinking is restricted to water in clear bottles. You must not bring along animals.

(5) All media used in or borrowed from the UL or the CIM have to be treated properly and must not be spoiled. Underlines and markers are not allowed. Be careful with technical equipment.

(6) Please do inform the library’s staff members about any inconveniences concerning hardware and do not bother yourself.

(7) Report any faulty performance which may have been caused by your equipment or software and do not try to install or deinstall databases.

(8) You have to compensate for any damage or loss of library materials, even if you are not personally responsible for it. You have to replace media or hardware and you have to pay a defined fee, handling included.

(9) If you have lost your student’s or library card please contact UL or CIM at your earliest convenience. If you don’t, you will be responsible for any abuse. A replacement fee is obligatory. Other personal identifiers (§2,5) are subject to the same regulations.

(10 – 13) Please do report any change of address at your earliest convenience. If you suspect abuse of your login data, change them at once and report it to the CIM.

Media brought into the UL have to be shown to the UL supervising staff when leaving.

Internet services are for teaching and learning purposes only according to regulations of the directors of UL and CIM.

In the UL and CIM buildings and rooms, you may use your own hardware according to special regulations (VO §7 (4)).


§6 Charges and fees

(1 – 3) Charges and fees are raised according to laws and regulations of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Exemptions are granted by the directors of the UL or CIM upon request. Special fees may be raised for special terms of use (Cf. §2,4).


§7 Borrowing media from the University Library

(1 – 3) Any media may be borrowed from the UL on a valid student / library card, unless restricted (Cf. §8). Please check your lending slip immediately and claim at once. Objections can only be acknowledged if you will show the lending slip to the library staff.

(4) Applications for renewals can be made at the terminals in the UL or from abroad via the library catalogue. You may send an e-mail, a fax or a letter with your library card identifiers and your renewal wishes as well. Anyway, you are responsible for a renewal in time or for the return of the media on loan. You cannot renew the loan period, when you have exceeded the loan period, when someone else has reserved your items still on loan or when you have extended the loan period for the fifth and last time. Moreover, you cannot renew the loan period, if your library card has been blocked.

(5) You may reserve items on loan i.e. borrowed by other users.


§8 Lending limitations

(1 – 2) Media with an even location mark, journals and rare books cannot be borrowed from the library. Exemptions are possible on short term permission.


§9 Special lendings

(1 – 3) Special lendings for research and teaching duties are possible on request for lecturers. Conditions are defined by the directors of the UL.

Please contact the lending divison for your special library card, and / or the acquisitions department if you need additional books at your command.


§10 Loan periods

(1 – 6) In general, the loan period is twenty-eight days and can be extended up to five times. If you should need an item any longer, you have to bring it along to the UL and start a new loan period after presenting it to the library staff at the loan counter. The UL is entitled to call back any media at any time for administrative reasons. If you have exceeded the loan period, you have to pay a fee (Cf. §6) without any preceding reminder.


§11 Borrowing hardware from the CIM

(1) Hardware may be borrowed

    (a) on short-time terms for occasional use or

    (b) for long-time use, at least twice a week.

(2) Long-time use is limited to one semester.

(3 + 4) The loan period may be extended, if no other person will claim the hardware.

(5) The director of CIM can execute other regulations.


§12 Interlibrary Loan – Germany and abroad / Document delivery

(1) Media which are not available in the UL or in town may be obtained via Interlibrary Loan from another library in Germany or from abroad, according to ILL conditions. You cannot borrow items from abroad which are temporarily on loan or which cannot be borrowed from the local library stock.

(2) Journal articles are communicated under copyright conditions on the most comfortable way.

(3) Fees are raised on legal conditions.


§13 Opening hours

Opening hours for the UL are appointed by the library administration, for the facilities of the CIM by its own administration. Changes are reported in time.


§15 Exclusion of users

(1) Anyone disregarding these user regulations repeatedly or seriously, may be excluded from visiting the UL or the CIM or utilizing its services temporarily or forever by the directors of the UL and / or the director of the CIM. Especially criminal activities in connection with library services can lead to an exclusion.

(2) UL and CIM may restrict their services for administrative or safety reasons or may exclude single users temporarily.

(3) The obligations of these user regulations are not cancelled automatically during those restrictions.


§16 Liability

(1 – 4) The Duisburg-Essen University and the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia are not liable for any loss or damage of any poperty taken into the rooms of the UL or CIM by their clients. The University and the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia are not liable for any losses, which may have been caused bei faulty, incomplete or retarded services. The users are liable for any claims which may be caused by disregarding their duties. Any user is liabale for any misuse of his library card or other identifiers.


§17 Coming into effect

These user regulations have come into effect on October 1st, 2005.


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