Bibliographic management with Citavi

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Full functional range, managing up to 100 titles at most
Licence key for
students and
UDE members

Citavi Free becomes Citavi for Windows

Citavi For Windows Lizenzmodell

Create a Citavi account here ( using your UDE mailing adress, copy your licence key and unlock your Citavi Free version to get Citavi for Windows.

You can now use Citavi with unlimited capacity and work in small teams in a local network.

For large workgroups who want to work collaboratively, the license for Citavi DB server is available. Please contact us to get more information:

Differences between Citavi for Windows and Citavi for DBServer

  • Desktop für Windows (Vista and higher)
  • multilingual surface
  • Teamwork on a shared space on the UDE fileserver.
  • manage your citations, quotations, commentations and own ideas  complete with references
  • cite with mouse click
  • export the hierarchic text structure to your word processing program
  • plan your tasks
  • search for locations

Adjustment file

An adjustment file specifically generated for the UDE contains local default configurations and admission data to many catalogues and to licenced databases.

UDE adjustment file for Citavi
(use the right hand mouse button -> "save target as …").

Please import this file into your Citavi application via "Tools > Import  or export settings".

UDE specific Citation Styles


MSM (Fußnotenstil, Stand 2017)


Save the file (right click> Save target as) in your directory Custom Citation Styles (usually located in C: \ Users \ username \ My Documents \ Citavi 5 \). You find the style immediately in the list of citation styles in Citavi and the Word Add-In.

If there is formatting that is not perfect, we are grateful for feedback.