Online publication in DuEPublico

You want to publish your dissertation online in DuEPublico?

What the library needs

  • The full text of your doctoral dissertation in electronic form including all illustrations, graphs and tables.
  • Please deliver your thesis in the pdf format (whenever possible in pdf/A).
  • An abstract of your thesis in electronic form.
  • The completely filled-in and signed form for electronic dissertation submission.
  • Two bound copies (no ring or spiral binding) of the thesis on archival quality, wood- and acid-free paper.
    Here you can find our contact and submission times.
Please note:

The printed version of your dissertation has to be identical with the pdf version (e.g. colored images or graphics must also be printed in color). The pagination in the printed version may not differ from those in the electronic version in order to guarantee correct citation.  


Information about curriculum vitae

In order to protect personal data, the library does not publish résumées or biographies in electronic versons of dissertations.

Please remove your biography from the online version of your dissertation and replace it with this text: "The biography is not included in the online version for reasons of data protection".

Please ensure that the number of pages does not change.


Creating a pdf file

To allow a long-term preservation of your dissertation, please consider the following by creating your pdf file:

  • All used fonts and images must be integrated into the file. 
  • No encryption or password protection, not even for parts of your work, like printing or copying. 
  • Please assure that a full-text search is possible in your file. 

These requirements are necessary to guarantee the readability and long-term preservation of your dissertation.

Please note:

Create your file in the pdf/A format whenever possible.


How to publish

  • Go to DuEPublico.
  • Choose the link "dissertations" in the left navigation bar.
  • Click on "publish online". 
  • Enter your Unikennung (University identification or UDE ID) and your password.
    ("Please login here with your personal user account!")
  • You can either login in with your personal Unikennung or choose your own ID for DuEPublico.
  • As soon as you are successfully logged in, you can place your dissertation in DuEPublico.
  • If you would like to assign a Creative Commons license, please include it in your dissertation.
    You will get more information about the licences from:
    Sonja Hendriks (+49 (0) 203 379 2027),
    Katrin Falkenstein-Feldhoff (+49 (0) 203 379 1504).
Please note:

Your dissertation will not be available in DuEPublico right away. After being checked by the library, your publication can be found on our server.
Your dissertation will also be transmitted to the German National Library where it will be stored long-term and from where it will be disseminated.

As soon as your dissertation has been published in DuEPublico, the document can no longer be altered - not even by yourself.


Simultaneous publication in a publishing company

The university has no objections to the simultaneous publishing of an electronic dissertation through a publishing company, for example.

As, however, when making a copyright deposit of your own dissertation in electronic form, you thus assign the right to the university library and assure at the same time that no rights of third parties are infringed with the publication of the work on the Internet by the library, you must take this into consideration for the further dissemination/publication by publishing houses. You should therefore, if you are considering such parallel publication, make clear to the relevant publishing house beforehand that your work is also being disseminated on the Internet at the same time. If your publishing house does not agree to this, you have the possibility to submit your dissertation in one of the other available filing forms.