The University of Duisburg-Essen strongly recommends its scientists to publish Open Access. The free availability of OA publications increases the worldwide visibility of research achievements at the UDE.

The UL supports this goal and, in addition to regular literature funds, will provide an OA Publication Fund in 2018 to facilitate the publication of research results in open access journals, monographs and anthologies.

What is the Golden Road?

The Golden Road means publishing scientific information first through open access in journals, monographs and compilations.

In the field of monographs, too, interest in open access publication is growing The UL was successful in attracting a BMBF project to promote monographs in the field of humanities and social sciences.


Funding option

Open Access Publication Fund

The UDE offers its researchers a financial support option for Open Access publishing. The publication fee for articles or monographs can be refunded to the authors via the Open Access Publishing Fund.

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Secondary publication: the Green Road of Open Access

Many articles are published in chargeable e-publications and license fees must be paid for access.

The Green Road of Open Access refers to the secondary publication on websites or in digital repositories, so that access for all is free.

UDE members can permanently make their publications freely accessible worldwide on DuEPublico, the digital repository of the UDE, as a second release.


  • Check with your author's contract which legal conditions apply. Alternatively you can use the SHERPA-RoMEO list, here you will find a quick overview of the publishing conditions for the second publication and a link to the relevant publisher pages.
May be published secondarily at all?
Which version of the article may be published secondarily?
At what time after first publication on the publishing side may the second publication be published (Embargo)?
  • Create a document on DuEPublico. Please indicate as "source" in which publisher's publication the final article appears / has appeared.
  • Upload your PDF file.
  • Send us the signed DuEPublico consent form.
  • If desired, the DuEPublico team will be pleased to assist you in checking the legal conditions.
    We will publish the document immediately or, if necessary, after expiration of the embargo deadline.

In the course of the publication process different versions of an article are created, not all of them may be published secondarily!

  • Preprint: manuscript submitted to the publisher (not yet reviewed).
  • Postprint / Authors Accepted Manuscript: manuscript has passed the review process of the publisher. The article is ready to be published, it often lacks only the final publishing layout.
  • Published Version / Version of Record (VoR): Article in final publisher version.

The legal requirements for a possible second publication, as already mentioned, can be taken from the author's contract or the publishing conditions of the SHERPA-RoMEO list.

If you are about to sign an author's contract, we suggest you agree to the publishing right to publish a digital copy of your work in an institutional repository.

In the case of a secondary publication on DuEPublico, you grant the University of Duisburg-Essen the non-exclusive right to electronically store your publication, make it publicly available and distribute it.

The German Copyright Act regulates secondary publication of articles in compilations (cf. § 38). According to this, the author is entitled to publish his articles elsewhere (paragraphs 1, 2 and 3) after one year unless otherwise agreed. Articles resulting from research financed by at least 50 % through public funding can be published a second time even when the publisher has been granted an exclusive license (paragraph 4).

Two roads to Open Access - Golden RoadTwo roads to Open Access -  Green Road

Please note:

All contents on these pages are for information purposes only and are not legally binding.

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