Secondary publication on DuEPublico

Many articles are published in fee-based e-publications, and license fees have to be paid for access.

The secondary publication on websites or in digital repositories, which is also known as the “Green Road of Open Access”, enables free access for everyone.

Members of UDE can make their publications permanently and freely accessible worldwide as a second publication on DuEPublico, the digital repository of the UDE.

Secondary publication on DuEPublico

  • Use your author contract to check which legal conditions apply.
  • In addition, the SHERPA-RoMEO list provides a quick overview of the publishing conditions for the second publication and a link to the relevant publisher websites.

      Can it be published secondarily at all?
      Which version of the article can be republished?
      At what point in time after the first publication can the article be republished (Embargo)?

  • Please create a document on DuEPublico. Indicate as "Info on primary publication" in which publisher publication the final article appears / has been published.
  • Upload your PDF file.
  • Send us the signed DuEPublico declaration of consent.
  • If desired, the DuEPublico Team will be happy to assist you in checking the legal conditions.
    The document can be published immediately or, if necessary, after the embargo period has expired.

Manuscript versions

Different versions of an article are created in the course of the publication process, not all of them may be published twice!

  • Preprint: Manuscript submitted to the publisher (not yet reviewed).
  • Postprint / Authors Accepted Manuscript (AAM): The manuscript has gone through the publisher's review process. The article is ready for publication, often only the final publishing layout is missing.
  • Published Version / Version of Record (VoR): Article in final publishing version.
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Legal conditions

As already mentioned, the legal requirements for a possible secondary publication can be found in the author contract. Information can also be found in the publishing conditions of the SHERPA-RoMEO list, but these references are not legally binding.

  • If you are about to conclude an author contract, then you agree on the right to publish a digital copy of your work in an institutional repository.
  • In the case of a secondary publication on DuEPublico, you grant the Duisburg-Essen University the non-exclusive right to save your publication electronically, make it publicly available and disseminate it.
  • Section 38 of the Copyright Act regulates the secondary publication of articles in a collection that is published periodically at least twice a year. Thereafter, unless otherwise agreed, an author may reproduce his work elsewhere one year after publication (paragraphs. 1, 2 and 3). Contributions that come from research activities that are at least half funded by public funds may be published twice even if the publisher has been granted an exclusive right of use (paragraph 4).


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