Further information about Primo, the library's catalogue

Tips and tricks:

Refine my results

By using the function "Refine my results", search results may be narrowed down conveniently.

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In Primo, different editions and sorts of media are embraced in so-called "versions".

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Relevance of hit lists

In Primo’s default setting, the hit lists are sorted by relevance. Alternatively you may sort the hits by author, title or year of publication.

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Synonymous search terms

In Primo, there is an automatic search function for words having a similar meaning.

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Save and export

In Primo, it is possible to save queries or to export them into a reference management software like EndNote or Citavi.

Sending hit lists

You can collect your results in your e-shelf and send them to your mail account.

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Peer reviewed articles

In "UB catalogue plus articles" you can search for academic articles and essays which have been peer reviewed.

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RSS feeds

Queries can also be subscribed to as RSS-Feeds.

Please note:

Primo is available round-the-clock.
Between 0:00am and app. 1:00am, the catalogue is not available for renewals or reservations due to backup operations.

Searching faster

With this plugin for the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can add quick search options to your browser tools:
Add Primo quick search plug in to your browser tool bar

Training courses on-site

Primo will also be introduced in our training courses. 

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