Perla Abigail Figueroa-Gonzalez, M.Sc. - PhD student


09/2018 Start of PhD

03-08/2018 Internship at GFZ section 5.3 Geomicrobiology, in Potsdam, Germany. Project: Methanogens in permafrost: isolation and plasmid analysis.

2016-2018 MSc Biotechnology, Cellular and Molecular specialisation. Wageningen University & Research. Thesis: Isolation and characterization of a novel acidotolerant methanogen.

2010-2015 BSc Biology. UAEM Morelos, Mexico. Thesis: Growth evaluation of Bacillus pumilus and Cobetia marina in mediums modified with salts of astrobiological interest

Research Focus

  • Microbial symbionts in the terrestrial subsurface

  • Microbial metabolism and physiology

  • Cultivation of fastidious microbes


Figueroa-Gonzalez, Perla Abigail., Bornemann, Till L.V, Adam, Panagiotis S., Plewka, Julia., Révész, Fruzsina., von Hagen, Christian A., Táncsics, András., and Probst, Alexander J.: Saccharibacteria as organic carbon sinks in hydrocarbon-fueled communities. Frontiers in microbiology 11 (2020): 3343


PhD Student Perla Abigail Figueroa-Gonzalez


Faculty of Chemistry - Biofilm Centre
University of Duisburg-Essen
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