Alumni ARUS

Family Name Given Name Country of Origin Title of Dissertation 1st Supervisor 2nd Supervisor Current Job Current Employer
Admission Winter Term 2015/2016        
Lengyel Janka Borbala Hungary Multiscale Urban Analysis and Modeling - Trends in the Ruhr Area, Germany Prof. Dr. J. Alexander Schmidt Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wehling    
Admission Winter Term 2014/2015        
Gaviria Gloria Colombia Temporal Urban Space Production Influencing Urban Strategic Planning and Decision-Making Processes Prof. Dr.-Ing J. Alexander Schmidt Prof. Christa Reicher (RWTH Aachen)    
David Aurelio Italy Re-Thinking Public Participation Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Prof. Howard Davis (University of Oregon), Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Neis (University of Oregon) Architect and Researcher meyerschmitzmorkramer Architects (Cologne)
Roose Ilka Germany Flows of Chilean water governance. Social innovations in defiance of mistrust and fragmented institutions. Prof. Dr. J. Dirk Messner Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind Scientific Researcher University of Duisburg-Essen
Admission Winter Term 2013/2014        
Lin Xioali China Chinese Cities’ Built-up Environment’s Impacts on the Accessibility Level of Mobility Alternatives - Innovation in ‘Neighborhood Typology’ Approaches Prof. Dr. Alexander Schmidt      
Budyte Paulina Lithuania Public participation during river development in Southeast Asia Prof. Dr. Martin Denecke Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider    
Pozo Ricardo Ecuador Socio-spatial transformations in the central coast of Ecuador by the influence of the glocalized tourism: the case of Puerto Lopez, 1990 -2010 Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wehling      
Shekhar Himanshu India Spatial Impacts of Changes in Economic Framework and Priorities in Contemporary Europe - from Growth to Well-being. Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Prof. Dr, Hans-Werner Wehling Research Associate United Nations University - Institute for Environmental and Human Security
Admission Winter Term 2012/2013        
Casanova Mariella USA Social Housing as a City-Making Strategy Prof. Dr.-Ing J. A. Schmidt Prof. Dr. Ing. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert Research Associate Institute for City Planning and Urban Design (ISS) UDE
Skorda Julita Serbia Toward the Healthy Neighborhood: Urban Regeneration of Deprived Neighborhoods in Metropolitan Regi

Prof. Dr. J. Alexander

Prof. Dr. Susanne Moebus

Research Associate


Admission Winter Term 2011/2012        
Michel Berit Germany Mapping the City - Narrating "Complexity": 21st.-Centrury Strategies of Representing Urban Spatial Dynamics in Narrative Fictions Prof. Dr. Jens-Martin Gurr      
Lubjuhn Sarah Germany

The Bait must be Attractive to the Fish and not to the Fisherman. Entertainment-Education Collaborations between Professionals
in the Sustainability and the Television Field.

Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Prof. Dr. Martine Bouman, Prof. Dr. Christoph Fasel Research Fellow (Post Doc) Center for Media & Health (The Netherlands)
Teimann Sonja Germany Urbane Räume für das Alter - Integratives Modellvorhaben für die Praxis        
Arjmand Abbasi Parisa Iran Policy Making in the Field of Urban Gardens and Agricultural Lands Conservation (Sustainable Development Approach): Case Study:
region 1, Tehran
Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Zhang Yuan Yuan China Strategies of Low-Carbon Sustainable City Planning: A Case Study Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Prof. Dr.-Ing Alexander Malkwitz Engineer Dinslakener Flächenetwicklungsgesellschaft mbH - DIN FLEG
Admission Summer Term 2011        
Smolarski Pierre Germany Rhetorik des Designs: Gestaltung zwische Subversion und Affirmation (Rhetoric of Design: Design between Subversion and Affirmation) Prof. Dr. Jens-Martin Gurr Prof. Dr. Arne Scheuermann Scientific Staff University of Wuppertal (Department: Art and Design), University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (Department: Design)
Walloth Christian Germany On the importance of emergence in dealing with complex systems. A system-theoretical contribution using examples from urban systems. Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Prof. Hofkirchner Founder & CEO Walloth Urban Advisors sprl
Admission Winter Term 2010/2011        
Bühre Sandra Germany European Green Capital Award – An analysis of the environmental policy approach of the European Union using the example of Stockholm and Hamburg Prof. Dr. Jens-Martin Gurr      
Philipp Conrad Germany The impact of a Green Belt on the urban development of a megacity: Interdisciplinary research on the example of Seoul (Republic of Korea) Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Projekt „Cooling Singapore“
ETH Zürich
Aruri Natasha Palestine

100 × Ramallah: imaginations, otherness, and (de)colonization in antispaces of sumud 1914 - 2014

Prof. Dr. J. Alexander
Mogultay Utku Germany Modernity, Mobility and Transformation of Urban Culture in Pynchon’s “Against the Day“ Prof. Dr. Jens-Martin Gurr