Completed Dissertations

Family Name Given Name Country of Origin Title of Dissertation
Admission Winter Term 2010/2011
Bühre Sandra Germany European Green Capital Award – An analysis of the environmental policy approach of the European Union using the example of Stockholm and Hamburg
Philipp Conrad Germany The impact of a Green Belt on the urban development of a megacity: Interdisciplinary research on the example of Seoul (Republic of Korea)
Aruri Natasha Palestine

100 × Ramallah: imaginations, otherness, and (de)colonization in antispaces of sumud 1914 - 2014

Mogultay Utku Germany Modernity, Mobility and Transformation of Urban Culture in Pynchon’s “Against the Day“
Admission Summer Term 2011
Walloth Christian Germany On the importance of emergence in dealing with complex systems. A system-theoretical contribution using examples from urban systems.
Admission Winter Term 2011/2012
Michel Berit Germany Mapping the City - Narrating "Complexity": 21st.-Centrury Strategies of Representing Urban Spatial Dynamics in Narrative Fictions
Lubjuhn Sarah Germany The Bait must be Attractive to the Fish and not to the Fisherman. Entertainment-Education Collaborations between Professionals in the Sustainability and the Television Field.
Teimann Sonja Germany Urbane Räume für das Alter - Integratives Modellvorhaben für die Praxis
Arjmand Abbasi Parisa Iran Policy Making in the Field of Urban Gardens and Agricultural Lands Conservation (Sustainable Development Approach): Case Study: region 1, Tehran
Zhang Yuan Yuan China Strategies of Low-Carbon Sustainable City Planning: A Case Study