Completed Dissertations

Family Name Given Name Country of Origin Title of Dissertation
Admission Winter Term 2013/2014
Pozo Ricardo Ecuador Socio-spatial transformations in the central coast of Ecuador by the influence of the glocalized tourism: the case of Puerto Lopez, 1990 -2010
Shekhar Himanshu India Spatial Impacts of Changes in Economic Framework and Priorities in Contemporary Europe - from Growth to Well-being.
Admission Winter Term 2011/2012
Michel Berit Germany Mapping the City - Narrating "Complexity": 21st.-Centrury Strategies of Representing Urban Spatial Dynamics in Narrative Fictions
Lubjuhn Sarah Germany The Bait must be Attractive to the Fish and not to the Fisherman. Entertainment-Education Collaborations between Professionals in the Sustainability and the Television Field.
Teimann Sonja Germany Urbane Räume für das Alter - Integratives Modellvorhaben für die Praxis
Arjmand Abbasi Parisa Iran Policy Making in the Field of Urban Gardens and Agricultural Lands Conservation (Sustainable Development Approach): Case Study: region 1, Tehran
Zhang Yuan Yuan China Strategies of Low-Carbon Sustainable City Planning: A Case Study
Admission Summer Term 2011
Smolarski Pierre Germany Rhetorik des Designs: Gestaltung zwische Subversion und Affirmation (Rhetoric of Design: Design between Subversion and Affirmation)
Walloth Christian Germany On the importance of emergence in dealing with complex systems. A system-theoretical contribution using examples from urban systems.
Admission Winter Term 2010/2011
Bühre Sandra Germany European Green Capital Award – An analysis of the environmental policy approach of the European Union using the example of Stockholm and Hamburg
Philipp Conrad Germany The impact of a Green Belt on the urban development of a megacity: Interdisciplinary research on the example of Seoul (Republic of Korea)
Aruri Natasha Palestine

100 × Ramallah: imaginations, otherness, and (de)colonization in antispaces of sumud 1914 - 2014

Mogultay Utku Germany Modernity, Mobility and Transformation of Urban Culture in Pynchon’s “Against the Day“