Current Dissertation Projects

Family Name Given Name Country of Origin Title of the Project
Admission Summer Term 2011
Tie Jing China In the intercultural milieu of 'Creative City' infrastructure construction: cases study of cities in China and Germany
Admission Winter Term 2011/2012
Smolarski Pierre Germany Rhetorik der Collage - Ein Problemfeld multimedialer Kommunikation
Drennig Georg Austria The Environmental Imaginaries of Vancouver: The Making of Landscape through Discourses of Sustainability and Outdoors Culture.
Admission Winter Term 2012/2013
Casanova Mariella USA Social Housing as a City-Making Strategy
Han Tao China The Emerging Public Urban Space in China” – Case Study of Beijing
Skodra Julita Serbia Built Environment, Environmental Justice and Health: Emscher Region - Sustainable Urban Transformation Strategies
Admission Winter Term 2013/2014
Pozo Ricardo Ecuador Socio-spatial transformations in the central coast of Ecuador by the influence of the glocalized tourism: the case of Puerto Lopez, 1990 -2010
Shekhar Himanshu India Spatial Impacts of Changes in Economic Framework and Priorities in Contemporary Europe - from Growth to Well-being.
Budryte Paulina Lithuania Restoring Heavily Modified Water Bodies: A Comparison of the Emscher System in Germany with the Klang River in Malaysia.
Lin Xiaoli China Assessment of the Sustainability of Chinese Eco-city Projects since Expo 2010.
Sasso Laura USA Macro-Scale Greening of Existing Building Envelopes: Assessing the Resilience Potential of a Near-Term Climate Adaptation Strategy.
Admission Winter Term 2014/2015
Roose Ilka Germany Social Dynamics in Water Conflicts: Towards Social-Political Innovations in Urban Systems using the Example of the Water Conflict in Petorca (Chile)
Gaviria Gloria Colombia The temporary use in the production of public space: The Reinterpretation of the urban realm through temporary initiatives as means of experimental urban planning in Berlin and Bogota
David Aurelio Italy Public Participation and Decision Making for a Sustainable Urban Development. How Pattern Language Can Support Public Engagement in Contemporary Urban Planning Procedures
Admission Winter Term 2015/2016
Feng Keru China Urban Imaginaries in Transnational Architecture and Urban Practice: The Making of Sino-German Eco-City
Lengyel Janka Borbala Hungary Urban Theories and Research as Major Design Tools for Transforming Cities
Habibipourzare Adnan Iran Ecosystem-Based Adaption to Water Scarcity in Arid Urban Areas; Case of Theran, Iran
Hatamjafari Mohammad Iran How Important is the Contribution of Hyporheic Zone to the River Water Quality: Developing a Model to Quantify its Role
                                                                                 Admission Winter Term 2016/2017
da Cunha Oliveira Santos  Mariana  Brazil System Analysis for Sustainable Water Management: Understanding Interconnections of Urban Systems and Water