Current Dissertation Projects

Family Name Given Name Country of Origin Title of the Project
Admission Winter Term 2018/2019
Mattheis Lena Germany Translocal Narratability in Anglophone Fiction
Admission Winter Term 2017/2018
Sadeghi Shahram Iran Integrated Assessment of Mobility System and Sustainable Development Process in Developing Countries
Admission Winter Term 2016/2017
da Cunha Oliveira Santos  Mariana  Brazil

Water Sensitive Urban Design: Multifunctional Planning and Flooding Resilience

Admission Winter Term 2015/2016
Hatamjafari Mohammad Iran Catchment-scale Sediment Management: Significance for River Restoration
Feng Keru China Urban Imaginaries in Transnational Architecture and Urban Practice: The Making of Sino-German Eco-City
Lengyel Janka Borbala Hungary Urban Theories and Research as Major Design Tools for Transforming Cities
Habibipourzare Adnan Iran Ecosystem-Based Adaption to Water Scarcity in Arid Urban Areas; Case of Theran, Iran
Admission Winter Term 2014/2015
Roose Ilka Germany Social Dynamics in Water Conflicts: Towards Social-Political Innovations in Urban Systems using the Example of the Water Conflict in Petorca (Chile)
Gaviria Gloria Colombia The temporary use in the production of public space: The Reinterpretation of the urban realm through temporary initiatives as means of experimental urban planning in Berlin and Bogota
Admission Winter Term 2013/2014
Budyte Paulina Lithuania Restoring Heavily Modified Water Bodies: A Comparison of the Emscher System in Germany with the Klang River in Malaysia.
Lin Xiaoli China

Built Environment Typology and its Impacts on Low Carbon Transport Mode Planning

Sasso Laura USA Macro-Scale Greening of Existing Building Envelopes: Assessing the Resilience Potential of a Near-Term Climate Adaptation Strategy.
Admission Winter Term 2012/2013
Han Tao China The Emerging Public Urban Space in China” – Case Study of Beijing
Skodra Julita Serbia Built Environment, Environmental Justice and Health: Emscher Region - Sustainable Urban Transformation Strategies
Admission Winter Term 2011/2012
Drennig Georg Austria The Environmental Imaginaries of Vancouver: The Making of Landscape through Discourses of Sustainability and Outdoors Culture.