Potenzielle Promotionsthemen

Prof. Dr. Jens M. Gurr

  • Negotiations of Urbanity: Towards a Cultural History of Key Media
  • The Connection between the City and Urbanity: Historical Perspectives - and Urbanity Today
  • Representations of Urban Complexity in Contemporary Film
  • The Negotiation of Central Urban Issues in Street Art
  • ...
Professor Dr. Fabian Kessl
  • Informal urban education spaces - the reconstruction of invisible education agreements in major German cities.
  • “Social mapping” as a new governing tool in a post-welfare-state context. The example of local crime and social atlases.
  • Migration and gentrification - Spatial patterns of movement in urban space as an expression of new social problems
  • Relationships between urban climatology and the development of economic space.
  • Space, Education, Power. The reassertion of space in educational theory.
  • Gentrification in the post-welfare society.
  • Mapping the Political Struggle on Social Services in Istanbul and Berlin.
  • ...

Prof. Dr. Bernd Noche

  • Sustainable economic concepts in urban transport systems
  • Development of new logistic services based on technologies of the Future Internet
  • Evaluation of urban systems using logistic methods
  • ...

Prof. Dr. J. Alexander Schmidt

The healthy city –

  • What does the term „Walkability of a city“ mean and what effects does it have on the health of the inhabitants?
  • How does a healthy city look like?
  • ...

The city and climate change –

  • Interdisciplinary approaches and innovative adaption to climate change within a city – a new cityscape?
  • Resilient Cities – New Idea or the “Emperor’s New Clothes”?
  • ...

Urban planning strategies–

  • Strategies for a successful urban planning coping with uncertainties - Profiting from Uncertainty
  • ...

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wehling

  • The "industrial" city - formal/functional deficiencies and potentials
  • Micro-scale planning approaches to multiple-deprived urban quarters - a cross-sectional European analysis
  • The demographic change and the urban real estate market - trends and prognoses
  • Beyond segregation - establishing migrant communities in urban economy and social life
  • Iconifying the built industrial heritage - historical, economic and public relation perspectives
  • ...

Prof. Dr. Renatus Widmann

  • Development of novel heat transport systems within the existing urban infrastructure
  • Potential of local and semi-centralized storage for precipitation water in urban drainage
  • Algae biomass as a renewable energy storage
  • Optimization of algae growth by the use of new LED technology
  • ...