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Physical experimentation done by the students in order to deepen the knowledge acquired in the lectures.

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The lab’s participation was successful when:
1) A sufficient preparation of the material for one of the experiments to be carried on has been proven during the initial test on every experiment day and
2) During the oral test which takes place at the end of the whole lab, all the experiment reports are available in a well-presented form and a discussion on the results was possible.
Duration of the tests: each approx. 20-30 minutes.
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Die Teilnehmer führen gruppenweise (2-3 Studierende) an 4 Tagen je 1 Experiment aus verschiedenen Grundgebieten der Physik mit Schwerpunkt Wärmelehre, Optik und Atomphysik durch. Von jedem Experiment werden ein Tagesprotokoll und ein Versuchsbericht erstellt. Der Bericht soll die Grundlagen des Experiments, den Versuchsaufbau, die Messergebnisse, ihre Auswertung und kritische Bewertung einschl. Fehlerbetrachtung enthalten.


Die Studierenden können eigenständig physikalische Experimente durchführen, auswerten und die Ergebnisse kritisch beurteilen.


Praktikum der Physik, W. Walcher, B. G. Teubner, Stuttgart (2004)


The participants carry out (in groups of 2-3) on 4 days each time one experiment from the following domains: physics with focus on thermodynamics, optics and atomic physics. For each experiment, a daily report and a test report must be written. The report should contain the basics of the experiment, the experiment setup, the measurement results, their analysis and their critical assessment including error analysis.

Learning Targets:

The students should be able, on their own and independently, to carry out physical experiments, to analyze the results and to critically judge these results.


Praktikum der Physik, W. Walcher, B. G. Teubner, Stuttgart (2004)

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