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Active attendance to the discussions including a short presentation of a scientific paper
(presentation and discussion are handled as an oral exam).
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Master students with current or past attendance of the courses in "Theoretische Elektrotechnik (TET)"


Do you believe that an electromagnetic pulse can travel faster than light? Is it possible to hide an object from our sight just by using a magic cap? What is the fundamental reason behind (electromagnetic) wave dispersion? We are happy to tell you the answer.
This postgraduate course is organized in the sense of an advanced research seminar, where we intend to challenge the established picture of electrodynamics while highlighting novel (seemingly contradicting) outcomes of current research in e.g. electromagnetics, nanophotonics, physical optics, and in the field of electromagnetic/optical metamaterials.
Our aim is to cultivate a sort of scientific attitude by organizing vivid discussions with respect to ongoing scientific debates and upcoming research highlights. The seminar usually starts with a presentation given by one of the tutors where the current topic is exposed and made ready for a subsequent discussion. Hence, the course will include presentations, paper discussions as well as numerical demonstrations.

Learning Targets:

Based on this lecture the students should be capable:
-- to read and evaluate a scientific paper
-- to defend a topic/methodology/approach based on scientific reasoning
-- to expose a scientific topic in a short presentation
-- to develop a scientific attitude towards new topics
-- to carry out a corresponding literature search


Master students with current or past attendance of the courses in "Theoretische Elektrotechnik (TET)"

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