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Instructions from the occupational safety department

Ventilation systems and recirculating air cooling units ("air conditioning systems")

 | 2020-06-25 14:18:53

First of all, a distinction must actually be made between ventilation and recirculating air cooling units, since colloquially, both are often referred to as air conditioning systems.

A ventilation system has separately guided supply and exhaust air. This is rather positive, as there is a permanent exchange of air. This is usually the case in ventilated lecture halls and seminar rooms. The same applies to large ventilated areas such as laboratories and libraries (including office areas connected to the ventilation system).

Recirculating air cooling units lead to a mixing of the room air; there is no exchange. Recirculating air cooling units therefore do not replace ventilation! (At no time!) These units are usually used in individual rooms that otherwise heat up considerably, e.g. server rooms.

If it is unclear which type of system is installed in a room, the supply engineering department of the technical building management can help (for Essen please contact Mr. Oliver Hoffmann, for Duisburg Mr. Reinhold Krebber).