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Travel to Duisburg and Essen

While not all roads lead to Duisburg and Essen, both cities are readily accessible from airports in the area. Rail and bus transportation can easily be planned via the Internet. Both cities are served by the rail networks IC/EC and ICE. The German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) provides comprehensive travel information on » www.bahn.de.

The excellent public transportation in the Ruhr Area is provided by the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR: ‘The Rhine-Ruhr Public Transportation Union’). You can retirieve current schedule information easily on » www.vrr.de. Information on public transportation systems and their services can be found on » http://ruhrpilot.de.

The Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)

The airport in Düsseldorf has its own train station from which you can travel directly to the Essen or Duisburg main train stations (Hbf). After arrival at the airport, a shuttle service, the ‘SkyTrain’, takes you directly to the train station.

You can then make use of the local trains (VRR) such as the regional express Regionalbahn (RE/RB) and the so-called S-Bahn (S1) to Duisburg with a ticket in the price class B (4.10 euros), travel time of about ten minutes, and to Essen a ticket in the price class C (9.10 euros), with a travel time of about twenty-five minutes via a regional express train.

Tickets are available from the ticket machines in the train station. Here your coins will come in handy, since the machines do not always take bank notes. If you are travelling with several persons, you can use the day-ticket all day for the price class you select for up to five persons. If you have an EC-/Maestro Card that also functions as a cash card, you can use this card to buy tickets at a ticket machine provided that you have previously loaded it at an ATM. Very important: the VRR-tickets must be validated (stamped) before entering the trains; usually this can be done at the orange stamping machines in the train station just before proceeding to the platform and not in the trains. Failure to validate a ticket before entering a train can result in a stiff fine, not the recommended way to start your stay in Germany. 
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The Cologne (Köln-Bonn) Airport (CGN)

The airport in Cologne-Bonn also has direct access to trains (Deutsche Bahn, DB). An overview of train schedules is available on Deutsche Bahn - Rail&Fly - Der Zug zum Flug

The main train stations in Duisburg and Essen are best reached with an Intercity-Express (ICE) from the main train station in Cologne. The trip takes about an hour and costs about 20 euros.
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The Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)

The airport in Frankfurt is well integrated into the rail network, so that Duisburg and Essen are reachable by an ICE train in less than two hours. A one-way ticket costs between 60 and 70 euros; a ticket booking and seat reservation are recommended www.bahn.de   

In addition, some airlines offer reduced rail tickets in a »Rail&Fly package.
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The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

The Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, provides an alternative to those discussed above. Many international carriers fly to Amsterdam. Duisburg and Essen are reachable within two or three hours with an ICE, and the ticket is cheaper than that from Frankfurt, about 40 euros. The Deutsche Bahn (www.bahn.de) provides complete information. However, be sure to check whether your residence title allows you to travel through the Netherlands to reach Germany. 
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From the Main Train Stations to the Campuses

Three different busses connect the main train station in Duisburg and Campus Duisburg, numbers 923, 924 and 933; get off at the stop ‘Universität’. The tram line 901 will also take you to Campus Duisburg; get off at the stop ‘Zoo/Uni’.

The Essen Campus is reached from the main train station in Essen by the tram lines numbers 105 and 101; get off at the stop ‘Rheinischer Platz’; or take the underground (U-Bahn), U11 and U17, and get off at ‘Universität’ or ‘Berliner Platz’.

Destinations to other institutes belonging to the university can be found on the general map Lageplände der UDE

You can plan your arrival at the university with public transportation on www.vrr.de

Within one city one price level will be charged, which is fare zone A.

We very much hope that you arrive safe and sound (and not too much out of breath) at the University of Duisburg-Essen!