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Courses at the institute of material science

The institute of material science offers the student from various courses of studies the basic as well as the state of the art knowledge in material application, choice and research. For that purpose the students were taught in the most important principles of material microstructures, the behavior under different operational demands and procedures to influence the material properties. Beside the mentioned basic and elective lectures extensive training periods and exercises are offered. In addition, seminars and colloquiums take place. The treatment of single questions within the scope of research projects occur in the form of student research projects and thesis. These are carried out in collaboration with other colleges and industry partners at international level.

Advanced Studies


• Product Engineering (Lobeck, Fischer; 2L+1E SWS) 

Lecture Script-Zulassung von Medizinprodukten

Exercise Risikoanalyse

Exercise Klassifizierung / Attachment Exercise Klassifizierung

Exams Sample Test 1 - Sample Test 2


• Material Selection I (Fischer; 2L+1E SWS) 

Lecture Script and Pictures


• Material Selection II (Fischer; 2L+1E SWS) 

Lecture Script and Worksheet               


• Advanced Material Science/Tribology (Fischer, Hanke; 2L+1E SWS) 

Lecture Script: see moodle  /  Outline
Exercise Literaturempfehlung


• Failure Analysis (Fischer, Hanke; 2L+1E SWS)                                                                                     

Lecture Script / Script & Worksheet
Exams Sample Test


• Metallography and Metal Physics (Myronova 2L + 1E SWS)

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