Certificate - Registration

Getting Your Own Certificate

All members of UDE can request personal certificates (e.g. for signing e-mails) and server certificates. For this, you need to identify yourself at one of the registration offices.

Please note:

  • We only give out user certificates, that include a UDE e-mail address.
  • Server certificates are only given out for official UDE services.

Personal Identification

A personal identification is necessary for you to get a certificate, that is affiliated to a commonly accepted root certificate. This root certificate gets accepted by Microsoft as fundamentally trustworthy.

Since this is a matter of an international confidence network, we are contractually obliged, to do a personal identification. That is why you have to come personally to one of the registration offices.

  • In the RA you identify yourself with a valid ID card or passport to the contact person.
  • Should you request a server certificate, please bring a confirmation letter of your institute with you, that says that you are the administrator of the respective server.
  • Please also bring a filled out request form to the RA.

Registration Offices

The personal identification ensues at the registration offices (RA) of ‘Uni-DUE CA’. Please announce your visit via e-mail or phone!

At ZIM At the University Clinic (ZIT) At the Faculties

It is possible to get one time for a group.

Campus Duisburg:
Room LE 107c
Frank Borsten
Tel. 0203 379-2026

Campus Essen:
Room S-H 205
Dr. Burkhard Wald
Tel. 0201 183-2921

Michael Nieporte
Tel. 0201 723-1770

Matthias Goeke
Tel. 0201 723-4773

Human Sciences:
Room R12 V03 D11
Manuel Fiedler
Tel. 0201 183-4616

Educational Sciences:
Room S06 S03 B67
Friedrich Kröner
Tel. 0201 183-5012

Social Sciences:
Room LF 336
Anita Born
Tel. 0203 379 -1419

Economic Sciencesn:
Room R09 R03 H59
Martin Rüschoff
Tel. 0201 183-4790