Our Tasks

The Centre for Information and Media Services, ZIM is providing services for students, lecturers, researchers, the rectorate, the board and the commission of the sector Information, Communication and Media, the central administration, other central institutions, guests, external customers, ministeries of the land and the general public. Our tasks and services cover a wide range from transferring media competence to training, provision of networks and servers, e-learning platforms, technologies and know-how, high performance computing, support for processes in the central administration and the library.

House ZIM

Customer Orientation

The organisational structure of the ZIM is completely aligned to its mission to provide optimal digital support services for learning, teaching, research, management and organisation of the universty. Our activities are directed to:

  • coordinate the digital services on the central and the decentral levels to achieve high-quality, transparent services for the university
  • reenforce customer-orientation throughout all activities
  • implement a comprehensive change-management