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  • Universitätsprofessor/in, Entwicklungsbiologie

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea
    A newly discovered stem cell that keeps bones growing
    In: Nature Jg. 567 (2019) Nr. 7747, S. 178 - 179
    ISSN: 1476-4687; 0028-0836
  • Piombo, Virginia; Jochmann, Katja; Hoffmann, Daniel; Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Signaling systems affecting the severity of multiple osteochondromas
    In: Bone Jg. 111 (2018) S. 71 - 81
    ISSN: 1873-2763
  • Wülling, Manuela; Thiesen, Andrea M.; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Epigenetic regulation of chondrocyte differentiation
    In: Mechanisms of Development Jg. 145 (2017) S. S141
    ISSN: 0925-4773; 1872-6356
  • Willie, B.M.; Pap, T.; Perka, C.; Schmidt, C.O.; Eckstein, F.; Arampatzis, A.; Hege, H.-C.; Madry, H.; Vortkamp, Andrea; Duda, G.N.
    OVERLOAD of joints and its role in osteoarthritis : Towards understanding and preventing progression of primary osteoarthritis; English version
    In: Zeitschrift fur Rheumatologie Jg. 76 (2017) Nr. Suppl. 1, S. 1 - 4
    ISSN: 1435-1250; 0340-1855
  • Veistinen, Lotta K.; Mustonen, Tuija; Hasan, Md. Rakibul; Takatalo, Maarit; Kobayashi, Yukiho; Kesper, Dörthe A.; Vortkamp, Andrea; Rice, David P.
    Regulation of calvarial osteogenesis by concomitant de-repression of GLI3 and activation of IHH targets
    In: Frontiers in Physiology Jg. 8 (2017) S. 1036
    ISSN: 1664-042X
  • Dierker, Tabea; Bachvarova, Velina; Krause, Yvonne Stefanie; Li, Jin-Ping; Kjellén, Lena; Seidler, Daniela G.; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Altered heparan sulfate structure in Glce-/- mice leads to increased Hedgehog signaling in endochondral bones
    In: Matrix biology Jg. 49 (2016) S. 82 - 92
    ISSN: 0945-053X
  • Hu, Yu; Kim, Ji Hyung; He, Kangmin; Wan, Qi; Kim, Jessica; Flach, Melanie; Kirchhausen, Tom; Vortkamp, Andrea; Winau, Florian
    Scramblase TMEM16F terminates T cell receptor signaling to restrict T cell exhaustion
    In: Journal of Experimental Medicine Jg. 213 (2016) Nr. 12, S. 2759 - 2772
    ISSN: 1540-9538; 0022-1007
  • Mattheij, Nadine J. A.; Kunzelmann, Karl; Vortkamp, Andrea; Schreiber, Rainer; Köhler, Ralf; Wülling, Manuela; Nieswandt, Bernhard; Pircher, Joachim; Castoldi, Elisabetta; van Kruchten, Roger; Braun, Attila
    Survival protein anoctamin-6 controls multiple platelet responses including phospholipid scrambling, swelling, and protein cleavage
    In: The FASEB Journal: the official journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology / Experimental Biology ; Transforming the future through science ; Chicago, April 22-26, 2017 / Jg. 30 (2016) Nr. 2, S. 727 - 737
    ISSN: 0892-6638; 0892-6638
  • Ousingsawat, Jiraporn; Wanitchakool, Podchanart; Schreiber, Rainer; Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea; Kunzelmann, Karl
    Anoctamin-6 Controls Bone Mineralization by Activating the Calcium Transporter NCX1
    In: The journal of biological chemistry : JBC Jg. 290 (2015) Nr. 10, S. 6270 - 6280
    ISSN: 0021-9258
  • Severmann, A.-C.; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Hypertrophe Chondrozyten : Programmierter Zelltod oder Stammzellreservoir?
    In: Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie Jg. 74 (2015) Nr. 10, S. 898 - 901
    ISSN: 1435-1250; 0340-1855; 0301-6382
  • Liu, Guoxing; Liu, Guilai; Chen, Hong; Borst, Oliver; Gawaz, Meinrad; Vortkamp, Andrea; Schreiber, Rainer; Kunzelmann, Karl; Lang, Florian
    Involvement of Ca2+ Activated Cl- Channel Ano6 in Platelet Activation and Apoptosis
    In: Cellular physiology and biochemistry Jg. 37 (2015) Nr. 5, S. 1934 - 1944
    ISSN: 1421-9778; 1015-8987
  • Willie, Bettina M.; Pap, Thomas; Perka, Carsten Frank; Schmidt, Carsten Oliver; Eckstein, Felix; Arampatzis, Adamantios; Hege, Hans Christian; Madry, Henning; Vortkamp, Andrea; Duda, Georg N.
    OVERLOAD – Rolle der Gelenküberlastung in der primären Arthrose : Die Krankheitsprogression verstehen und vermeiden
    In: Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie Jg. 74 (2015) Nr. 7, S. 618 - 621
    ISSN: 0340-1855
  • Bandari, Shyam; Exner, Sebastian; Ortmann, Corinna; Bachvarova, Velina; Vortkamp, Andrea; Grobe, Kay
    Sweet on hedgehogs : Regulatory roles of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in hedgehog-dependent cell proliferation and differentiation
    In: Current Protein and Peptide Science Jg. 16 (2015) Nr. 1, S. 66 - 76
    ISSN: 1389-2037
  • Chau, M.; Lui, J. C.; Landman, Ellie B. M.; Späth, S.-S.; Vortkamp, Andrea; Baron, J.; Nilsson, O.
    Gene expression profiling reveals similarities between the spatial architectures of postnatal articular and growth plate cartilage
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 9 (2014) Nr. 7, S. 0103061
    ISSN: 1932-6203
  • Jochmann, Katja; Bachvarova, Velina; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Heparan sulfate as a regulator of endochondral ossification and osteochondroma development
    In: Matrix Biology Jg. 34 (2014) S. 55 - 63
    ISSN: 0945-053X; 1569-1802
  • Dittmann, Kai; Wuelling, Manuela; Uhmann, Anja; Dullin, Christian; Hahn, Heidi; Schweyer, Stefan; Vortkamp, Andrea; Wienands, Jürgen
    Inactivation of Patched1 in murine chondrocytes causes spinal fusion without inflammation
    In: Arthritis and rheumatology Jg. 66 (2014) Nr. 4, S. 831 - 840
    ISSN: 2326-5205
  • Jochmann, Katja; Bachvarova, Velina; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Reprint of: Heparan sulfate as a regulator of endochondral ossification and osteochondroma development
    In: Matrix Biology Jg. 35 (2014) S. 239 - 247
    ISSN: 1569-1802; 0945-053X
  • Rebollido-Rios, Rocio; Bandari, Shyam; Wilms, Christoph; Jakuschev, Stanislav; Vortkamp, Andrea; Grobe, Kay; Hoffmann, Daniel
    Signaling Domain of Sonic Hedgehog as Cannibalistic Calcium-Regulated Zinc-Peptidase
    In: PLoS Computational Biology Jg. 10 (2014) Nr. 7, S. e1003707
    ISSN: 1553-7358; 1553-734X
  • Ehlen, Harald W. A.; Chinenkova, Milana; Moser, Markus; Munter, Hans-Markus; Krause, Yvonne Stefanie; Gross, Stefanie; Brachvogel, Bent; Wülling, Manuela; Kornak, Uwe; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Inactivation of anoctamin-6/Tmem16f, a regulator of phosphatidylserine scrambling in osteoblasts, leads to decreased mineral deposition in skeletal tissues
    In: Journal of bone and mineral research: JBMR Jg. 28 (2013) Nr. 2, S. 246 - 259
    ISSN: 1523-4681; 0884-0431
  • Wülling, Manuela; Pasdziernik, Markus; Moll, Carina; Thiesen, Andrea; Schneider, Sabine; Johannes, Christian; Vortkamp, Andrea
    The multi zinc-finger protein Trps1 acts as a regulator of histone deacetylation during mitosis
    In: Cell cycle Jg. 12 (2013) Nr. 14, S. 2219 - 2232
    ISSN: 1551-4005
  • Gross, Stefanie; Krause, Yvonne Stefanie; Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Hoxa11 and Hoxd11 regulate chondrocyte differentiation upstream of Runx2 and Shox2 in mice
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 7 (2012) Nr. 8, S. e43553
    ISSN: 1932-6203
  • Veistinen, Lotta; Takatalo, Maarit; Tanimoto, Yukiho; Kesper, Dörthe A.; Vortkamp, Andrea; Rice, David P.C.
    Loss-of-function of Gli3 in mice causes abnormal frontal bone morphology and premature synostosis of the interfrontal suture
    In: Frontiers in Physiology Jg. 3 (2012) Nr. MAY, S. 121
    ISSN: 1664-042X
  • Galli, Giorgio Giacomo; Honnens de Lichtenberg, Kristian; Carrara, Matteo; Hans, Wolfgang; Wülling, Manuela; Mentz, Bettina; Multhaupt, Hinke Arnolda; Fog, Cathrine Kolster; Jensen, Klaus Thorleif; Rappsilber, Juri; Vortkamp, Andrea; Coulton, Les; Fuchs, Helmut; Gailus-Durner, Valérie; Hrabě de Angelis, Martin; Calogero, Raffaele Adolfo; Couchman, John Robert; Lund, Anders Henrik
    Prdm5 Regulates Collagen Gene Transcription by Association with RNA Polymerase II in Developing Bone
    In: PLoS Genetics Jg. 8 (2012) Nr. 5, S. e1002711
    ISSN: 1553-7390; 1553-7404
  • Laufer, Ed; Kesper, Dörthe; Vortkamp, Andrea; King, Perter
    Sonic hedgehog signaling during adrenal development
    In: Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology Jg. 351 (2012) Nr. 1, S. 19 - 27
    ISSN: 0303-7207
  • Friedrichs, Melanie; Wirsdöerfer, Florian; Flohe, Stefanie; Schneider, Sabine; Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea
    BMP signaling balances proliferation and differentiation of muscle satellite cell descendants.
    In: BMC Cell Biology Jg. 12 (2011) S. 26
    ISSN: 1471-2121
  • Jones, Kevin B.; Piombo, Virginia; Searby, Charles; Kurriger, Gail; Yang, Baoli; Grabellus, Florian; Roughley, Peter J.; Morcuende, Jose A.; Buckwalter, Joseph A.; Capecchi, Mario R.; Vortkamp, Andrea; Sheffield, Val C.
    A mouse model of osteochondromagenesis from clonal inactivation of Ext1 in chondrocytes
    In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Jg. 107 (2010) Nr. 5, S. 2054 - 2059
    ISSN: 1091-6490; 0027-8424
  • Ratzka, Andreas; Mundlos, Stefan; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Expression patterns of sulfatase genes in the developing mouse embryo.
    In: Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists. Jg. 239 (2010) Nr. 6, S. 1779 - 1788
    ISSN: 1058-8388
  • Kesper, Dörthe; Didt-Koziel, Lydia; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Gli2 activator function in preosteoblasts is sufficient to mediate Ihh-dependent osteoblast differentiation, whereas the repressor function of Gli2 is dispensable for endochondral ossification.
    In: Developmental Dynamics Jg. 239 (2010) Nr. 6, S. 1818 - 1826
    ISSN: 1058-8388
  • Detsch, Rainer; Hagmeyer, Daniel; Neumann, Markus C; Schaefer, Susannne; Vortkamp, Andrea; Wülling, Manuela; Ziegler, Günter; Epple, Matthias
    The resorption of nanocrystalline calcium phosphates by osteoclast-like cells
    In: Acta Biomaterialia Jg. 6 (2010) Nr. 8, S. 3223 - 3233
    ISSN: 1878-7568
  • Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Transcriptional networks controlling chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation during endochondral ossification.
    In: Pediatric Nephrology Jg. 25 (2010) Nr. 4, S. 625 - 631
    ISSN: 0931-041X
  • Schirling, Corinna; Heseding, Christiane; Heise, Franziska; Kesper, Dörthe; Klebes, Ansgar; Klein-Hitpaß, Ludger; Vortkamp, Andrea; Hoffmann, Daniel; Saumweber, Harald; Ehrenhofer-Murray, Ann
    Widespread regulation of gene expression in the Drosophila genome by the histone acetyltransferase dTip60
    In: Chromosoma Jg. 119 (2010) Nr. 1, S. 99 - 113
    ISSN: 0009-5915; 1432-0886
  • Wülling, Manuela; Kaiser, Frank J.; Buelens, Laetitia; Braunholz, Diana; Shivdasani, Ramesh A.; Depping, Reinhard; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Trps1, a regulator of chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation, interacts with the activator form of Gli3.
    In: Developmental biology Jg. 328 (2009) Nr. 1, S. 40 - 53
    ISSN: 0012-1606
  • Nogai, Hendrik; Rosowski, Mark; Grün, Joachim; Rietz, Anika; Debus, Nils; Schmidt, Gül; Lauster, Carola; Janitz, Michal; Vortkamp, Andrea; Lauster, Roland
    Follistatin antagonizes transforming growth factor-beta3-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in vitro: implications for murine palatal development supported by microarray analysis.
    In: Differentiation Jg. 76 (2008) Nr. 4, S. 404 - 416
    ISSN: 0301-4681
  • Ratzka, A.; Kalus, I.; Moser, M.; Dierks, T.; Mundlos, S.; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Redundant function of the heparan sulfate 6-O-endosulfatases Sulf1 and Sulf2 during skeletal development.
    In: Dev Dyn. Jg. 2 (2008) Nr. 237, S. 339 - 353
  • Kantaputra, P.; Miletich, I.; Lüdecke, Hermann-Josef; Suzuki, E. Y.; Praphanphoj, V.; Shivdasani, R.; Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea; Napierala, D.; Sharpe, P. T.
    Tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome with supernumerary teeth.
    In: Journal of dental research : JDR ; featuring critical reviews in oral biology & medicine Jg. 87 (2008) Nr. 11, S. 1027 - 1031
    ISSN: 0022-0345
  • Probst, Barbara; Rock, Rebecca; Gessler, Manfred; Vortkamp, Andrea; Püschel, Andreas W.
    The rodent Four-jointed ortholog Fjx1 regulates dendrite extension.
    In: Developmental biology Jg. 312 (2007) Nr. 1, S. 461 - 470
    ISSN: 0012-1606
  • Tagariello, A.; Luther, J.; Streiter, M.; Didt-Koziel, L.; Wuelling, M.; Surmann-Schmitt, C.; Stock, M.; Adam, N.; Vortkamp, A.; Winterpacht, A.
    Ucma - A novel secreted factor represents a highly specific marker for distal chondrocytes.
    In: (Matrix Biol.) Jg. 13 (2007)
  • Ehlen, H. W. A.; Buelens, L.A.; Vortkamp, A.
    Hedgehog signaling in skeletal development.
    In: Birth Defects Res C Embryo Today Jg. 78 (2006) Nr. 3, S. 267 - 279
  • Didt-Koziel, L.; Wuelling, M.; Vortkamp, A.
    The role of growth factors in chondrogenesis and osteogenesis.
    In: (Curr. Opin. Orthopedics) Jg. 17 (2006) S. 405 - 411
  • Minina, E.; Schneider, S.; Rosowski, M.; Lauster, R.; Vortkamp, A.
    Expression of Fgf and Tgfbeta signaling related genes during embryonic endochondral ossification.
    In: (Gene Expr Patterns.) (2005)
  • Didt-Koziel, L.; Wuelling, M.; Schneider, S.; Vortkamp, A.
    Gli3 has repressing and activating functions downstream of Ihh in regulating two distinct steps of chondrocyte differentiation
    In: Development Jg. 132 (2005) S. 5249 - 5260
  • Zhou, H.; Weskamp, G.; Chesneau, V.; Sahin, U.; Vortkamp, A.; Horiuchi, K.; Chiusaroli, R.; Hahn, R.; Wilkes, D.; Fisher, P.; Baron, R.; Manova, R.; Basson, C.T.; Hempstead, B.; Blobel, C.P.
    Essential role for ADAM19 in cardiovascular morphogenesis.
    In: (Mol Cell Biol.) Jg. 24 (2004) S. 96 - 104
  • Didt-Koziel, L.; Kunath, M.; McMahon, A.P.; Kelly, O.g.; Vortkamp, A.
    Ext1 dependent heparan sulfates regulate the range of Ihh signaling during endochondral ossification.
    In: (Dev Cell) Jg. 6 (2004) S. 801 - 813
  • Wuelling, M.; Vortkamp, A.
    Model systems for human muscoskeletal diseases.
    In: Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models Jg. 1 (2004) S. 359 - 364
  • Tavella, S.; Biticchi, R.; Schito, A.; Minina, E.; Di Martino, D.; Pagano, A.; Vortkamp, A.; Horton, W.A.; Cancedda, R.; Garofalo, S.
    Targeted expression of SHH affects chondrocyte differentiation, growth plate organization, and Sox9 expression.
    In: (J Bone Miner Res.) Jg. 19 (2004) S. 1678 - 1688
  • Kunath, M.; Luedecke, H.j; Vortkamp, A.
    Expression of Trps1 during mouse embryonic development.
    In: (Mech Dev) Jg. 119 Suppl 1 (2002) S. 117 - 120
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    Interaction of FGF, Ihh/Pthlh and BMP signaling integrates chondrocyte proliferation and hypertrophic differentiation.
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    Role of Runx genes in chondrocyte differentiation.
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  • Minina, E.; Wenzel, M.; Kreschel, K.S.; Gaffield, W.; McMahon, A.P.; Vortkamp, A.
    BMP and Ihh/PTHrP signaling interact to coordinate chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation.
    In: Development Jg. 128 (2001) S. 4523 - 4534
  • Vortkamp, A.
    Interaction of growth factors regulating chondrocyte differentiation in the developing embryo.
    In: Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Jg. 9 (2001) S. 109 - 117
  • Shan, Z.; Nanda, I.; Wang, Y.; Schmid, M.; Vortkamp, A.; Haaf, T.
    Sex-specific expression of an evolutionarily conserved male regulatory gene, DMRT1, in birds.
    In: (Cytogenet Cell Genet) Jg. 89 (2000) S. 252 - 257
  • Pathi, S.; Rutenberg, J.B.; Johnson, R.L.; Vortkamp, A.
    Interaction of Ihh and BMP/Noggin signaling during cartilage differentiation.
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  • Vortkamp, A.; Pathi, S.; Peretti, G.M.; Caruso, E.M.; Zaleske, D.j.; Tabin, C.j.
    Recapitulation of signals regulating embryonic bone formation during postnatal growth and in fracture repair.
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    Defining the skeletal elements.
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  • Lanske, B.; Karaplis, A.C.; Lee, K.; Luz, A.; Vortkamp, A.; Pirro, A.; Karperien, M.; Defize, L.H.K.; Ho, C.; Mulligan, R.C.; Abou-Samra, A.B.; Juppner, H.; Segre, G.V.; Kronenberg, H.M.
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    Sonic hedgehog differentially regulates expression of GLI and GLI3 during limb development.
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  • Molnar, A.; Wu, P.; Largespada, D.A.; Vortkamp, A.; Scherer, S.; Copeland, N.g.; Jenkins, N.A.; Bruns, G.; Georgopoulos, K.
    The Ikaros gene encodes a family of lymphocyte-restricted zinc finger DNA binding proteins, highly conserved in human and mouse.
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    Identification of optimized target sequences for the GLI3 zinc finger protein.
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    Isolation of a yeast artificial chromosome contig spanning the Greig cephalopolysyndactyly syndrome (GCPS) gene region.
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    In: (Mamm Genome) Jg. 3 (1992) S. 461 - 463
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    GLI3 zinc-finger gene interrupted by translocations in Greig syndrome families.
    In: Nature Jg. 352 (1991) Nr. 8. August, S. 535 - 540
    ISSN: 0028-0836
  • Beiträge in Sammelwerken und Tagungsbänden

  • Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Molecular control of cartilage differentiation
    In: Cartilage: Volume 1: Physiology and Development / Grässel, Susanne; Aszódi, Attila (Hrsg.), 2016 S. 191 - 213
    ISBN: 978-3-319-29568-8; 9783319295664
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    Cartilage explant cultures
    In: Skeletal Development and Repair: Methods and Protocols 2014 S. 89 - 97
    ISBN: 978-1-62703-988-8; 978-1-62703-989-5
  • Wülling, Manuela; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation
    In: Cartilage and bone development and its disorders: 3 Tables / Camacho-Hübner, Cecilia; Nilsson, Ola G.; Sävendahl, Lars; 4th ESPE Advanced Seminar in Developmental Endocrinology, Stockholm, June 30 - July 1, 2010 / 2011 S. 1 - 11
    ISBN: 978-3-8055-9792-0; 9783805597920
  • Vortkamp, A.
    Regulation der Chondrozytendifferenzierung in der Wachstumsfuge: parakrine Signalsysteme.
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  • Vortkamp, A.
    The Indian hedgehog-PTHrP system in bone development.
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