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Fakultät Biologie
Universitätsstr. 5
45141 Essen
S05 T04 B05
Mi 10-11


  • Studienberatung, Studienberatung Biologie LGyGe/ LA Sek II
  • Studienberatung, Studienberatung Biologie für Berufskollegs
  • Mitglied/er, Zwischenprüfungsausschuss Lehramt Biologie
  • Studiendekan/in, Dekanat Fakultät Biologie
  • Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, Molekulare Genetik I

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Schmidt, Nina; Irle, Inga; Ripkens, Kamilla; Lux, Vanda; Nelles, Jasmin; Johannes, Christian; Parry, Lee; Greenow, Kirsty; Amir, Sarah; Campioni, Mara; Baldi, Alfonso; Oka, Chio; Kawaichi, Masashi; Clarke, Alan R.; Ehrmann, Michael
    Epigenetic silencing of serine protease HTRA1 drives polyploidy
    In: BMC Cancer Jg. 16 (2016) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 1471-2407
  • Daschkey, Svenja; Bienemann, Kirsten; Schuster, Volker; Kreth, Hans Wolfgang; Linka, René Martin; Hönscheid, Andrea; Fritz, Gerhard; Johannes, Christian; Fleckenstein, Bernhard; Kempkes, Bettina; Gombert, Michael; Ginzel, Sebastian; Borkhardt, Arndt
    Fatal Lymphoproliferative Disease in Two Siblings Lacking Functional FAAP24
    In: Journal of Clinical Immunology Jg. 36 (2016) Nr. 7, S. 684 - 692
    ISSN: 1573-2592; 0271-9142
  • Ahlberg, Sebastian; Antonopulos, Alexandra; Diendorf, Jörg; Dringen, Ralf; Epple, Matthias; Flöck, Rebekka; Goedecke, Wolfgang; Graf, Christina; Haberl, Nadine; Helmlinger, Jens; Herzog, Fabian; Heuer, Frederike; Hirn, Stephanie; Johannes, Christian; Kittler, Stefanie; Köller, Manfred; Korn, Katrin; Kreyling, Wolfgang G.; Krombach, Fritz; Lademann, Jürgen; Loza, Kateryna; Luther, Eva M.; Malissek, Marcelina; Meinke, Martina C.; Nordmeyer, Daniel; Pailliart, Anne; Raabe, Jörg; Rancan, Fiorenza; Rothen-Rutishauser, Barbara; Rühl, Eckart; Schleh, Carsten; Seibel, Andreas; Sengstock, Christina; Treuel, Lennart; Vogt, Annika; Weber, Katrin; Zellner, Reinhard
    PVP-coated, negatively charged silver nanoparticles : A multi-center study of their physicochemical characteristics, cell culture and in vivo experiments
    In: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology Jg. 5 (2014) S. 1944 - 1965
    ISSN: 2190-4286
  • Johnen, Georg; Rozynek, Peter; Gathen, Yvonne von der; Bryk, Oleksandr; Zdrenka, Ricarda; Johannes, Christian; Weber, Daniel; Igwilo-Okuefuna, O'Brien; Raiko, Irina; Hippler, Jörg; Brüning, Thomas; Dopp, Elke
    Cross-contamination of a UROtsa stock with T24 cells : molecular comparison of different cell lines and stocks
    In: PLoS One Jg. 8 (2013) Nr. 5, S. e64139
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  • Wülling, Manuela; Pasdziernik, Markus; Moll, Carina; Thiesen, Andrea; Schneider, Sabine; Johannes, Christian; Vortkamp, Andrea
    The multi zinc-finger protein Trps1 acts as a regulator of histone deacetylation during mitosis
    In: Cell cycle Jg. 12 (2013) Nr. 14, S. 2219 - 2232
    ISSN: 1551-4005
  • Obe, Guenter; Johannes, Christian; Ritter, Sylvia
    The number and not the molecular structure of DNA double-strand breaks is more important for the formation of chromosomal aberrations : A hypothesis
    In: Mutation Research - Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis Jg. 701 (2010) Nr. 1, S. 3 - 11
    ISSN: 1383-5718; 1879-3592
  • Johannes, Christian; Dixius, Anne; Pust, Mareike; Hentschel, Reinhard; Buraczewska, Iwona; Staaf, Elina; Brehwens, Karl; Haghdoost, Siamak; Nievaart, Sander; Czub, Joanna; Braziewicz, Janusz; Wojcik, Andrzej
    The yield of radiation-induced micronuclei in early and late-arising binucleated cells depends on radiation quality
    In: Mutation Research: Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis Jg. 701 (2010) Nr. 1, S. 80 - 85
    ISSN: 1383-5718; 1879-3592
  • Horstmann, M.; Durante, M.; Johannes, Christian; Obe, G.
    Chromosomal intrachanges induced by swift iron ions.
    In: (Adv. Space Res.) Jg. 35 (2005) S. 276 - 279
  • Muller, W.U.; Ciborovius, J.; Bauch, T.; Johannes, Christian; Schunck, C.; Mallek, U.; Bocker, W.; Obe, G.; Streffer, C.
    Analysis of the Action of the Restriction Endonuclease AluI Using Three Different Comet Assay Protocols.
    In: (Strahlenther. Onkol.) Jg. 180 (2004) Nr. 10, S. 655 - 664
  • Johannes, Christian; Horstmann, M.; Durante, M.; Chudoba, I.; Obe, G.
    Chromosome intrachanges and interchanges detected by multicolor banding in lymphocytes: searching for clastogen signatures in the human genome.
    In: (Radiat. Res.) Jg. 161 (2004) Nr. 5, S. 540 - 548
  • Johannes, Christian; Horstmann, M.; Durante, Marco; Chudoba, Ilse; Obe, Günter
    Reply to “Comments on ‘Chromosome Intrachanges and Interchanges Detected by Multicolor Banding in Lymphocytes: Searching for Clastogen Signatures in the Human Genome’ by Johanneset al.(Radiat. Res.161, 540– 548, 2004),” by David J. Brenner
    In: Radiation Research Jg. 162 (2004) S. 601 - 601
    ISSN: 0033-7587
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  • Obe, G.; Johannes, I.; Johannes, Christian; Heckeley, N.; Hallmann, K.; Reitz, G.
    Chromosomenaberrationen bei Astronauten.
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  • Haas, K.; Johannes, Christian; Blass Kampmann, S.; Schmidt, T.; Karsunky, H.; Obe, G.; Möröy, T.
    Cooperation of cyclin E and Ha-ras efficiently generates malignantly transformed and polyploid cells but depends on functional Myc and CDK4.
    In: European journal of cell biology : EJCB Jg. 72 (1997) S. 15
    ISSN: 0070-2463; 0171-9335
  • Johannes, Christian; Heller, W.D.; Eke, P.; Obe, G.
    Frequencies of polycentric chromosomes following combinational treatments of Chinese hamster ovary cells with restriction endonucleases and X-rays, bleomycin or DNase I.
    In: (Mutation Res.) Jg. 373 (1997) S. 237 - 244
  • Haas, Kirsten; Johannes, Christian; Geisen, Christoph; Schmidt, Thorsten; Karsunky, Holger; Blass-Kampmann, Sabine; Obe, Günter; Möröy, Tarik
    Malignant transformation by cyclin E and Ha-ras correlates with lower sensitivity towards induction of cell death but requires functional Myc and CDK4
    In: Oncogene Jg. 15 (1997) Nr. 21, S. 2615 - 2623
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    Ultrasound permeabilizes CHO cells for the endonucleases AluI and benzon nuclease.
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    Exposure of CHO cells to AluI: comparison of chromosomal aberrations and cell survival.
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  • Johannes, Christian; Obe, G.
    Combination treatments of Chinese hamster ovary cells with various restriction endonucleases result in chromosomal aberrations whose frequencies are additive or less than additive.
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  • Johannes, Christian; Obe, G.
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    The restriction endonuclease Alu I induces sister chromatid exchange in chinese hamster ovary cells.
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  • Gustavino, B.; Johannes, Christian; Obe, G.
    Restriction endonculease Bam HI induces chromosomal aberrations in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells
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  • Beiträge in Sammelwerken und Tagungsbänden

  • Johannes, Christian; Obe, Guenter
    Chromosomal Aberration Test in Human Lymphocytes
    In: Genotoxicity Assessment: Methods and Protocols / Dhawan, Alok; Bajpayee, Mahima (Hrsg.), 2019, S. 121 - 134
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  • Johannes, Christian; Obe, Guenter
    Chromosomal aberration test in human lymphocytes
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    ISBN: 978-1-62703-528-6 ISSN: 1940-6029; 1064-3745
  • Johannes, Christian; Johannes, I.; Obe, G.; Facius, R.; Reitz, G.
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