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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Patwardhan, Rutuja; Nanda, Suchet; Wagner, Jessica; Stockter, Tom; Dehmelt, Leif; Nalbant, Perihan;
    Li, Rong (Hrsg.)
    Cdc42 activity in the trailing edge is required for persistent directional migration of keratinocytes
    In: Molecular Biology of the Cell Jg. 35 (2023) Nr. 1, br1
  • Nalbant, Perihan; Wagner, Jessica; Dehmelt, Leif
    Direct investigation of cell contraction signal networks by light-based perturbation methods
    In: Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology Jg. 475 (2023) Nr. 12, S. 1439 - 1452
  • Nanda, Suchet; Calderon, Abram; Sachan, Arya; Duong, Thanh-Thuy; Koch, Johannes; Xin, Xiaoyi; Solouk-Stahlberg, Djamschid; Wu, Yao-Wen; Nalbant, Perihan; Dehmelt, Leif
    Rho GTPase activity crosstalk mediated by Arhgef11 and Arhgef12 coordinates cell protrusion-retraction cycles
    In: Nature Communications Jg. 14 (2023) Nr. 1, 8356
  • Kowalczyk, Manuela; Kamps, Dominic; Wu, Yaowen; Dehmelt, Leif; Nalbant, Perihan
    Monitoring the Response of Multiple Signal Network Components to Acute Chemo-Optogenetic Perturbations in Living Cells
    In: ChemBioChem Jg. 23 (2022) Nr. 4, e202100582
  • Hensel, Astrid; Stahl, Paul; Moews, Lisa; König, Lena; Patwardhan, Rutuja; Höing, Alexander; Schulze, Nina; Nalbant, Perihan; Stauber, Roland H.; Knauer, Shirley
    The Taspase1/Myosin1f-axis regulates filopodia dynamics
    In: iScience Jg. 25 (2022) Nr. 6, 104355
  • Dorsch, Madeleine; Kowalczyk, Manuela; Planque, Mélanie; Heilmann, Geronimo; Urban, Sebastian; Dujardin, Philip; Forster, Jan; Ueffing, Kristina; Nothdurft, Silke; Oeck, Sebastian; Paul, Annika; Liffers, Sven T.; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Schramm, Alexander; Siveke, Jens; Winslow, Monte M.; Fendt, Sarah-Maria; Nalbant, Perihan; Grüner, Barbara M.
    Statins affect cancer cell plasticity with distinct consequences for tumor progression and metastasis
    In: Cell Reports Jg. 37 (2021) Nr. 8, 110056
  • Kamps, Dominic; Koch, Johannes; Juma, Victor O.; Campillo-Funollet, Eduard; Gräßl, Melanie; Banerjee, Soumya; Mazel, Tomáš; Chen, Xi; Wu, Yao-Wen; Portet, Stephanie; Madzvamuse, Anotida; Nalbant, Perihan; Dehmelt, Leif
    Optogenetic Tuning Reveals Rho Amplification-Dependent Dynamics of a Cell Contraction Signal Network
    In: Cell Reports Jg. 33 (2020) Nr. 9, S. 108467
  • Nalbant, Perihan; Dehmelt, Leif
    Exploratory cell dynamics : A sense of touch for cells?
    In: Biological Chemistry Jg. 399 (2018) Nr. 8, S. 809 - 819
  • Gräßl, Melanie; Koch, Johannes; Calderon, Abram; Kamps, Dominic; Banerjee, Soumya; Mazel, Tomáš; Schulze, Nina; Jungkurth, Jana; Patwardhan, Rutuja; Solouk, Djamschid; Hampe, Nico; Hoffmann, Bernd; Dehmelt, Leif; Nalbant, Perihan
    An excitable Rho GTPase signaling network generates dynamic subcellular contraction patterns
    In: The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) Jg. 216 (2017) Nr. 12, S. 4271 - 4285
  • Jeruschke, Stefanie; Jeruschke, Kay; DiStasio, Andrew; Karaterzi, Sinem; Büscher (A.), Anja; Nalbant, Perihan; Klein-Hitpaß, Ludger; Hoyer, Peter Friedrich; Weiss, Jürgen; Stottmann, Rolf W; Weber, Stefanie
    Everolimus Stabilizes Podocyte Microtubules via Enhancing TUBB2B and DCDC2 Expression
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 10 (2015) Nr. 9, S. e0137043
  • Jeruschke, Stefanie; Rekasi, Heike; Karaterzi, Sinem; Buescher, AnjaKarin; Klein-Hitpaß, Ludger; Jeruschke, Kay; Weiss, Juergen; Saleem, MoinAhson; Hoyer, Peter Friedrich; Nalbant, Perihan; Weber, Stefanie
    Everolimus Prevents Podocyte Injury Via Stabilizing Tubb2b And Dcdc2 Expression
    In: Pediatric Nephrology Jg. 29 (2014) Nr. 9, S. 1674 - 1674
  • Schulze, Nina; Gräßl, Melanie; Soares, Alexandra Blancke; Geyer, Matthias; Dehmelt, Leif; Nalbant, Perihan
    FHOD1 regulates stress fiber organization by controlling the dynamics of transverse arcs and dorsal fibers
    In: Journal of Cell Science Jg. 127 (2014) Nr. 7, S. 1379 - 1393
  • Jeruschke, S.; Büscher (A.), Anja; Rekasi, H.; Karaterzi, S.; Saleem, M. A.; Oh, J.; Hoyer, Peter Friedrich; Nalbant, Perihan; Weber, Stefanie
    Differential expression of cytoskeletal-associated genes in human podocytes by the mTOR inhibitor everolimus
    In: Pediatric Nephrology Jg. 28 (2013) Nr. 8, S. 1438 - 1438
  • Jeruschke, Stefanie; Büscher, Anja Katrin; Oh, Jun; Saleem, Moin Ahson; Hoyer, Peter Friedrich; Weber, Stefanie; Nalbant, Perihan
    Protective effects of the mTOR inhibitor everolimus on cytoskeletal injury in human podocytes are mediated by RhoA signaling
    In: PLoS ONE Jg. 8 (2013) Nr. 2, S. e55980
  • Sokolova, Viktoriya; Rotan, Olga; Klesing, Jan; Nalbant, Perihan; Buer, Jan; Knuschke, Torben; Westendorf, Astrid; Epple, Matthias
    Calcium phosphate nanoparticles as versatile carrier for small and large molecules across cell membranes
    In: Journal of Nanoparticle Research Jg. 14 (2012) Nr. 6, 0910
  • Jeruschke, Stefanie; Büscher (A.), Anja; Saleem, Moin; Hoyer, Peter Friedrich; Oh, Jun; Nalbant, Perihan; Weber, Stefanie
    Protective effects of everolimus on puromycin-induced cytoskeletal alterations in human podocytes are mediated by RhoA-signalling
    In: Pediatric Nephrology Jg. 27 (2012) Nr. 9, S. 1638 - 1638
  • MacHacek, Matthias; Hodgson, Louis; Welch, Christopher; Elliott, Hunter; Pertz, Oliver; Nalbant, Perihan; Abell, Amy; Johnson, Gary L.; Hahn, Klaus M.; Danuser, Gaudenz
    Coordination of Rho GTPase activities during cell protrusion
    In: Nature Jg. 461 (2009) Nr. 7260, S. 99 - 103
  • Nalbant, Perihan; Chang, Y.-C.; Birkenfeld, J.; Chang, Z.-F.; Bokoch, G.M.
    Guanine nucleotide exchange factor-H1 regulates cell migration via localized activation of RhoA at the leading edge
    In: Molecular Biology of the Cell Jg. 20 (2009) Nr. 18, S. 4070 - 4082
  • Manukyan, Maria; Nalbant, Perihan; Luxen, Sylvia; Hahn, Klaus M.; Knaus, Ulla G.
    RhoA GTPase activation by TLR2 and TLR3 ligands: Connecting via Src to NF-κB
    In: The Journal of Immunology (JI) Jg. 182 (2009) Nr. 6, S. 3522 - 3529
  • Chang, Y.-C.; Nalbant, Perihan; Birkenfeld, J.; Chang, Z.-F.; Bokoch, G.M.
    3GEF-H1 couples nocodazole-induced microtubule disassembly to cell contractility via RhoA
    In: Molecular Biology of the Cell Jg. 19 (2008) Nr. 5, S. 2147 - 2153
  • Birkenfeld, Jörg; Nalbant, Perihan; Yoon, Soon-Hee; Bokoch, Gary M.
    Cellular functions of GEF-H1, a microtubule-regulated Rho-GEF: is altered GEF-H1 activity a crucial determinant of disease pathogenesis?
    In: Trends in Cell Biology Jg. 18 (2008) Nr. 5, S. 210 - 219
  • Carlile, Mark; Nalbant, Perihan; Preston-Fayers, Keziah; McHaffie, Gavin S.; Werner, Andreas
    Processing of naturally occurring sense/antisense transcripts of the vertebrate Slc34a gene into short RNAs
    In: Physiological Genomics Jg. 34 (2008) Nr. 1, S. 95 - 100
  • Lim, Yangmi; Lim, Ssang-Taek; Tomar, Alok; Gardel, Margaret; Bernard-Trifilo, Joie A.; Xiao, Lei Chen; Uryu, Sean A.; Canete-Soler, Rafaela; Zha, Jinbin; Lin, Hong; Schlaepfer, William W.; Nalbant, Perihan; Bokoch, Gary; Ilic, Dusko; Waterman-Storer, Clare; Schlaepfer, David D.
    PyK2 and FAK connections to p190Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor regulate RhoA activity, focal adhesion formation, and cell motility
    In: The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) Jg. 180 (2008) Nr. 1, S. 187 - 203
  • El-Sibai, Mirvat; Nalbant, Perihan; Pang, Huan; Flinn, Rory J.; Sarmiento, Corina; Macaluso, Frank; Cammer, Michael; Condeelis, John S.; Hahn, Klaus M.; Backer, Jonathan M.
    Cdc42 is required for EGF-stimulated protrusion and motility in MTLn3 carcinoma cells
    In: Journal of Cell Science Jg. 120 (2007) Nr. 19, S. 3465 - 3474
  • Birkenfeld, Jörg; Nalbant, Perihan; Bohl, Benjamin P.; Pertz, Oliver; Hahn, Klaus M.; Bokoch, Gary M.
    GEF-H1 Modulates Localized RhoA Activation during Cytokinesis under the Control of Mitotic Kinases
    In: Developmental Cell Jg. 12 (2007) Nr. 5, S. 699 - 712
  • Frantz, Christian; Karydis, Anastasios; Nalbant, Perihan; Hahn, Klaus M.; Barber, Diane L.
    Positive feedback between Cdc42 activity and H+ efflux by the Na-H exchanger NHE1 for polarity of migrating cells
    In: The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) Jg. 179 (2007) Nr. 3, S. 403 - 410
  • Zhao, Tieming; Nalbant, Perihan; Hoshino, Mikio; Dong, Xuemei; Wu, Dianqing; Bokoch, Gary M.
    Signaling requirements for translocation of P-Rex1, a key Rac2 exchange factor involved in chemoattractant-stimulated human neutrophil function
    In: Journal of Leukocyte Biology Jg. 81 (2007) Nr. 4, S. 1127 - 1136
  • Manukyan, Maria; Nalbant, Perihan; Pertz, Oliver; Halut, Klaus; Knaus, Ulla G.
    Visualizing TLR2- and TLR3-dependent RhoA activation by fret biosensor
    In: Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2007) Nr. Supplement, S. 36 - 36
  • Dehmelt, Leif; Nalbant, Perihan; Steffen, Walter; Halpain, Shelley
    A microtubule-based, dynein-dependent force induces local cell protrusions: Implications for neurite initiation
    In: Brain Cell Biology Jg. 35 (2006) Nr. 1, S. 39 - 56
  • Hodgson, Louis; Nalbant, Perihan; Shen, Feimo; Hahn, Klaus M.
    Imaging and photobleach correction of Mero-CBD, sensor of endogenous Cdc42 activation
    In: Methods in Enzymology Jg. 406 (2006) Nr. 12, S. 140 - 156
  • Belvindrah, R.; Nalbant, Perihan; Ding, S.; Wu, C.; Bokoch, Gary M.; Müller, U.
    Integrin-linked kinase regulates Bergmann glial differentiation during cerebellar development
    In: Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (MCN) Jg. 33 (2006) Nr. 2, S. 109 - 125
  • Subauste, M. Cecilia; Nalbant, Perihan; Adamson, Eileen D.; Hahn, Klaus M.
    Vinculin controls PTEN protein level by maintaining the interaction of the adherens junction protein β-catenin with the scaffolding protein MAGI-2
    In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Jg. 280 (2005) Nr. 7, S. 5676 - 5681
  • Nalbant, Perihan; Hodgson, Louis; Kraynov, Vadim; Toutchkine, Alexei; Hahn, Klaus M.
    Activation of endogenous Cdc42 visualized in living cells
    In: Science Jg. 305 (2004) Nr. 5690, S. 1615 - 1619
  • Tan, Xin; Nalbant, Perihan; Toutchkine, Alexei; Hu, Dehong; Vorpagel, Erich R.; Hahn, Klaus M.; Lu, H. Peter
    Single-Molecule Study of Protein-Protein Interaction Dynamics in a Cell Signaling System
    In: Journal of Physical Chemistry B: Condensed Matter, Materials, Surfaces, Interfaces & Biophysical Chemistry Jg. 108 (2004) Nr. 2, S. 737 - 744
  • Graham, C.; Nalbant, Perihan; Schölermann, B.; Hentschel, H.; Kinne, R. K. H.; Werner, A.
    Characterization of a type IIb sodium-phosphate cotransporter from zebrafish (Danio rerio) kidney
    In: American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology Jg. 284 (2003) Nr. 4, S. F727 - F736
  • Tan, Xin; Nalbant, Perihan; Hu, Dehong; Vorpagel, Erich R.; Hahn, Klaus M.; Lu, H. Peter
    Single-molecule protein-protein interaction dynamics of GTP-binding protein Cdc42 with downstream effector WASP
    In: Biophysical Journal Jg. 84 (2003) Nr. Suppl 2 Pt 2, S. 485a
  • Toutchkine, Alexei; Nalbant, Perihan; Hahn, Klaus M.
    Facile synthesis of thiol-reactive Cy3 and Cy5 derivatives with enhanced water solubility
    In: Bioconjugate Chemistry Jg. 13 (2002) Nr. 3, S. 387 - 391
  • Werner, A.; Preston-Fayers, K.; Dehmelt, L.; Nalbant, Perihan
    Regulation of the NPT gene by a naturally occurring antisense transcript
    In: Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics Jg. 36 (2002) Nr. 2/3, S. 241 - 252
  • Nalbant, Perihan; Boehmer, Christoph; Dehmelt, Leif; Wehner, Frank; Werner, Andreas
    Functional characterization of a Na+-phosphate cotransporter (NaP(i)-II) from zebrafish and identification of related transcripts
    In: Journal of Physiology Jg. 520 (1999) Nr. 1, S. 79 - 89
  • Werner, Andreas; Dehmelt, Leif; Nalbant, Perihan
    Na+-dependent phosphate cotransporters : The NaPi protein families
    In: The Journal of Experimental Biology Jg. 201 (1998) Nr. 23, S. 3135 - 3142
  • Abstracts

  • Zhao, F.; Thier, B.; Kwapik, S.; Laudage, M.; Griewank, Klaus; Nalbant, Perihan; Rambow, F.; Sucker, A.; Schadendorf, Dirk; Paschen, Annette
    Role of IFNγ-induced tumor-T cell equilibrium in melanoma latency
    In: Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft (JDDG) Jg. 21 (2023) Nr. S4, Special Issue: Abstractband anlässlich des 33. Deutschen Hautkrebskongresses (ADO‐Jahrestagung) 06.–09. September 2023 Hamburg, S. 34
  • Vorträge

  • Nalbant, Perihan;
    Signale in wandernden Zellen : Direkte Beobachtungen durch Fluoreszenzmikroskope
    Die kleine Form, 20. Mai 2009, Essen,
    In: Die kleine Form 2009 (2009)