Help and Support

1st Level Support

Our commitment towards our customers results in a whole chain of offerings of direct help and support, based on the principle „One Face to the Customer“. For any IT or media-related problem you may encounter in your work, you can rely on our „three-tiered“ support structure to get your solution as fast as possible. On the 1st Level Support many problems are immediately solved by the team members of the Hotline and the e-Point. If help cannot be found here, the problem will be handed at once to the 2nd and 3rd Level Support through our Callmanager system.


First point of call in case of problems with one of our services.


UB and ZIM run the e-Point as a joint service desk. Our specialist staff will be glad to assist you with all questions on IT and Media Services.

Further help

Service Points

Help with hardware- and software problems or media devices; support in purchasing or lending equipment etc.


If you're stuck, you could try taking a look at our FAQs.