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Prof. Dr. Kurt Werner Schmid

University Hospital Essen
Hufelandstraße 55
45122 Essen

Research Overview

My research focus is on the evaluation of molecular markers (on DNA, RNA and protein level) of tumor development, tumor progression and the therapeutic response of tumors. For this purpose, numerous tumor entities from the gastrointestinal tract including liver and bile ducts, the female breast, the endocrine, the soft tissue, the eye, the head and neck region and the urogenital tract are examined at the Institute of Pathology using a wide range of morphological and molecular pathological methods and techniques . Close cooperation exists with institutes (cell biology, molecular biology, pharmacogenetics, physiology, anatomy, human genetics, radiology) and clinics (surgery, internal medicine, tumor research, endocrinology, gynecology, urology, ENT clinic, eye clinic, orthopedics, trauma surgery, nuclear medicine) of the University Hospital Essen as well as with national and international partners. A special focus has been established on research into the gender-specific genetics of tumor diseases of the thyroid gland and the CNS.

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Selected Publications

    Journal articles

  • Koelsch, Bernd; Theurer, Sarah; Staniszewska, Magdalena; Heupel, Jacqueline; Koch, Amelie; Mergener, Svenja; Walk, Franziska; Fischer, Christine; Kutritz, Andrea; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Kindler-Röhrborn, Andrea
    An Animal Model Further Uncovers the Role of Mutant BrafV⁶⁰⁰E during Papillary Thyroid Cancer Development
    In: American Journal of Pathology Vol. 190 (2020) Nr. 3, pp. 702 - 710
    ISSN: 1525-2191; 0002-9440
  • Wiesweg, Marcel; Mairinger, Fabian; Reis, Henning; Goetz, Moritz; Walter, Robert; Hager, Thomas; Metzenmacher, Martin; Eberhardt, Wilfried; McCutcheon, A.; Köster, J.; Stuschke, Martin; Aigner, Clemens; Darwiche, Kaid; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Rahmann, Sven; Schuler, Martin
    Machine learning-based predictors for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy of non-small-cell lung cancer
    In: Annals of Oncology Vol. 30 (2019) Nr. 4, pp. 655 - 657
    ISSN: 1569-8041; 0923-7534
  • Bogner, Simon; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Metzenmacher, Martin; Hager, Thomas; Herrmann, Ken; Walter, Robert; Hegedues, Balazs; Herold, Thomas; Eberhardt, Wilfried; Reis, Henning; Goetz, Moritz; Mairinger, Fabian Dominik; Wiesweg, Marcel; Darwiche, Kaid; Aigner, Clemens; Schuler, Martin
    Development of predictors for PD-1/PD-L1-directed therapy of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) by gene expression profiling of small diagnostic biopsies (DBX)
    In: Journal of Clinical Oncology Vol. 36 (2018) Nr. 15 Suppl., pp. e15121
    ISSN: 0732-183X; 1527-7755
  • Mairinger, F; Bankfalvi, Agnes; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Kimmig, Rainer; Aktas, B; Kasimir-Bauer, Sabine; Westerwick, D
    Comparison of HER2, estrogen and progesterone receptor expression profiles of primary tumor, synchronous axillary lymph node metastases and circulating tumor cells in early breast cancer patients
    In: Cancer Research Vol. 77 (2017) Nr. 4, pp. P1 - 01
    ISSN: 0008-5472; 1538-7445
  • Reimer, P.; Höhler, T.; Schuler, Martin; Markus, P.; Knipp, Heike; Schumacher, B.; Dechene, Alexander; Ting, Saskia; Kasper, S.; Meiler, Johannes; Kostbade, K.; Berger, W.; Herold, T.; Trarbach, Tanja; Linden, G.; Steinmetz, H.T.; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Worm, K.; Paul, A.
    Cetuximab biweekly (q2w) plus mFOLFOX6 as 1st line therapy in patients (pts) with KRAS wild-type (wt) (exon 2) metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) – Primary endpoint and subgroup analysis of the CEBIFOX trial
    In: Annals of Oncology Vol. 27 (2016) Nr. Suppl.6, pp. 508P
    ISSN: 1569-8041; 0923-7534
  • Kasper, Stefan; Meiler, Johannes; Knipp, Heike; Hoehler, Thomas; Reimer, Peter; Steinmetz, Tilman; Berger, Winfried; Linden, Gabriele; Ting, Saskia; Markus, Peter; Paul, Andreas; Dechene, Alexander; Schumacher, Brigitte; Kosbade, Karina; Worm, Karl; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Herold, Thomas; Schuler, Martin; Trarbach, Tanja
    Cetuximab biweekly plus mFOLFOX6 as first-line therapy in patients (pts) with KRAS wild-type (wt) (exon 2) metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) : Primary endpoint and subgroup analysis of the CEBIFOX trial
    In: Journal of Clinical Oncology Vol. 33 (2015) Nr. 15 Suppl., pp. 3568
    ISSN: 0732-183X; 1527-7755
  • Rödel, Claus; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Graeven, Ullrich; Fietkau, Rainer; Hohenberger, Werner; Hothorn, Torsten; Arnold, Dirk; Hofheinz, Ralf-Dieter; Ghadimi, Michael; Wolff, Hendrik A.; Lang-Welzenbach, Marga; Raab, Hans-Rudolf; Wittekind, Christian; Ströbel, Philipp; Staib, Ludger; Wilhelm, Martin; Grabenbauer, Gerhard G.; Hoffmanns, Hans; Lindemann, Fritz; Schlenska-Lange, Anke; Folprecht, Gunnar; Sauer, Rolf; Liersch, Torsten; Omlor, Georg
    Oxaliplatin added to fluorouracil-based preoperative chemoradiotherapy and postoperative chemotherapy of locally advanced rectal cancer (the German CAO/ARO/AIO-04 study): Final results of the multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 trial
    In: The Lancet Oncology Vol. 16 (2015) Nr. 8, pp. 979 - 989
    ISSN: 1470-2045; 1470-2045
  • Carpinteiro, Alexander; Becker-Flegler, Katrin; Japtok, Lukasz; Hessler, Gabriele; Keitsch, Simone; Požgajovà, Miroslava; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Adams, Constantin; Müller, Stefan; Kleuser, Burkhard; Edwards, Michael J.; Grassmé, Heike; Helfrich, Iris; Gulbins, Erich
    Regulation of hematogenous tumor metastasis by acid sphingomyelinase
    In: EMBO Molecular Medicine Vol. 7 (2015) Nr. 6, pp. 714 - 734
    ISSN: 1757-4684
  • Frank-Raue, Karin; Machens, Andreas; Leidig-Bruckner, Gudrun; Rondot, Susanne; Haag, Christine; Schulze, Egbert; Lorenz, Angela; Kreissl, Michael C.; Dralle, Henning; Raue, Friedhelm; Schmid, Kurt Werner
    Prevalence and Clinical Spectrum of Nonsecretory Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma in a Series of 839 Patients with Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
    In: Thyroid Vol. 23 (2013) Nr. 3, pp. 294 - 300
    ISSN: 1557-9077; 1050-7256
  • Fridman, Mikhail V.; Savva, Natallia N.; Krasko, Olga V.; Zborovskaya, Anna A.; Mankovskaya, Svetlana V.; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Demidchik, Yuri E.
    Clinical and Pathologic Features of “Sporadic” Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Registered in the Years 2005 to 2008 in Children and Adolescents of Belarus
    In: Thyroid Vol. 22 (2012) Nr. 10, pp. 1016 - 1024
    ISSN: 1557-9077; 1050-7256
  • Kohler, J.; Worm, K.; Gauler, Thomas; Hoiczyk, M.; Theegarten, Dirk; Eberhardt, Wilfried; Hense, Jörg; Breitenbücher, Frank; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Schuler, Martin
    Impact of EGFR mutation status on clinical benefit from BIBW 2992 in patients (PTS) with advanced non-small lung cancer (NSCLC) progressing after chemotherapy (CTX) and erlotinib (E) or gefitinib (G) - a single center experience
    In: Annals of Oncology Vol. 23 (2012) Nr. Suppl. 9, pp. 437 - 438
    ISSN: 0923-7534; 1569-8041
  • Grabellus, Florian; Worm, Karl; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Sheu-Grabellus, Sien-Yi
    The BRAFV600E Mutation in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Is Associated with Glucose Transporter 1 Overexpression
    In: Thyroid Vol. 22 (2012) Nr. 4, pp. 377 - 382
    ISSN: 1557-9077; 1050-7256
  • Nagarajah, James; Sheu-Grabellus, Sien-Yi; Farahati, Jamshid; Kamruddin, Kamer A.; Bockisch, Andreas; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Görges, Rainer
    Ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy of clinically suspicious thyroid nodules with an automatic aspirator : A novel technique
    In: Thyroid Vol. 22 (2012) Nr. 7, pp. 695 - 698
    ISSN: 1557-9077; 1050-7256
  • Schuler, Martin; Breitenbücher, Frank; Trarbach, Tanja; Brandau, Sven; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Kasper, Stefan
    Simultaneous protection against anti-EGFR antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity and EGFR-signaling blockade by oncogenic RAS
    In: Journal of Clinical Oncology Vol. 29 (2011) Nr. Suppl. 4, pp. 440
    ISSN: 0732-183X; 1527-7755
  • Lehnerdt, Götz; Franz, P.; Bankfalvi, Agnes; Grehl, S.; Kelava, A.; Nückel, Holger; Lang, Stephan; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Siffert, Winfried; Bachmann, Hagen Sjard
    The regulatory BCL2 promoter polymorphism (-938C>A) is associated with relapse and survival of patients with oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
    In: Annals of Oncology Vol. 20 (2009) Nr. 6, pp. 1094 - 1099
    ISSN: 1569-8041; 0923-7534
  • Teichgräber, Volker; Ulrich, Martina; Endlich, Nicole; Riethmüller, Joachim; Wilker, Barbara; De Oliveira-Munding, Cheyla Conceição; Van Heeckeren, Anna M.; Barr, Mark L.; Von Kürthy, Gabriele; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Weller, Michael; Tümmler, Burkhard; Lang, Florian; Grassme, Heike; Döring, Gerd; Gulbins, Erich
    Ceramide accumulation mediates inflammation, cell death and infection susceptibility in cystic fibrosis
    In: Nature Medicine Vol. 14 (2008) Nr. 4, pp. 382 - 391
    ISSN: 1078-8956; 1546-170X
  • Teichgräber, Volker; Ulrich, Martina; Endlich, NIcole; Döring, Gerd; Grassme, Heike; Riethmüller, Joachim; Gulbins, Erich; Weller, Michael; Lang, Florian; Tümmler, Burkhard; Wilker, Barbara; Schmid, Kurt Werner; De Oliveira-Munding, Cheyla Conceição; van Heeckeren, Anna M.; Barr, Mark L.; von Kürthy, Gabriele
    Ceramide accumulation mediates inflammation, cell death and infection susceptibility in cystic fibrosis.
    In: Nature Medicine Vol. 4 (2008) Nr. 14, pp. 382 - 391
    ISSN: 1546-170X; 1078-8956
  • Bockhorn, Maximilian; Sheu, Sien-Yi; Frilling, Andreja; Molmenti, Ernesto; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Broelsch, Christoph E.
    Paraganglioma-like medullary thyroid carcinoma : A rare entity
    In: Thyroid Vol. 15 (2005) Nr. 12, pp. 1363 - 1367
    ISSN: 1050-7256; 1557-9077
  • Karsunky, Holger; Zeng, Hui; Schmidt, Thorsten; Zevnik, Branko; Kluge, Reinhart; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Dührsen, Ulrich; Möröy, Tarik
    Inflammatory reactions and severe neutropenia in mice lacking the transcriptional repressor GFi1
    In: Nature Genetics Vol. 30 (2002) Nr. 3, pp. 295 - 300
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