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Selected Publications

Kosinski R, Mukhortava A, Pfeifer W, Candelli A, Rauch P, Saccà B. Sites of high local frustration in DNA origami. Nat Commun. 2019 Mar 5;10(1):1061.

Pfeifer W, Lill P, Gatsogiannis C, Saccà B. Hierarchical Assembly of DNA Filaments with Designer Elastic Properties. ACS Nano. 2018 Jan 23;12(1):44-55.

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Streich C, Akkari L, Decker C, Bormann J, Rehbock C, Müller-Schiffmann A, Niemeyer FC, Nagel-Steger L, Willbold D, Sacca B, Korth C, Schrader T, Barcikowski S. Characterizing the Effect of Multivalent Conjugates Composed of Aβ-Specific Ligands and Metal Nanoparticles on Neurotoxic Fibrillar Aggregation. ACS Nano. 2016 Aug 23;10(8):7582-97.

Pfeifer W, Sacca B. From Nano to Macro through Hierarchical Self-Assembly: The DNA Paradigm. Chembiochem. 2016 Jun 16;17(12):1063-80. Review.

Poepsel S, Sprengel A, Sacca B, Kaschani F, Kaiser M, Gatsogiannis C, Raunser S, Clausen T, Ehrmann M. Determinants of amyloid fibril degradation by the PDZ protease HTRA1. Nat Chem Biol. Nov;11(11):862-9.

Saccà B, Ishitsuka Y, Meyer R, Sprengel A, Schöneweiß EC, Nienhaus GU, Niemeyer CM. Reversible Reconfiguration of DNA Origami Nanochambers Monitored by Single-Molecule FRET. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2015 Jan 28.

Saccà B. Nucleic acids nanotechnology. Methods. 2014 May 15;67(2):103-4.

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E.K. Sinner, U. Reuning, F. Nese Kök, B. Saccà, L. Moroder, W. Knoll and D. Oesterhelt. Incorporation of integrins into artificial planar lipid membranes: characterization by plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy. Anal. Biochemistry 2004, 333, 216-224.

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B. Saccà, C. Renner and L. Moroder. The chain register in heterotrimeric collagen peptides affects triple helix stability and folding kinetics. J. Mol. Biol. 2002, 324, 309-318.

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Nature Chemical Biology

Determinants of amyloid fibril degradation by the PDZ protease HTRA1

Simon Poepsel, Andreas Sprengel, Barbara Sacca, Farnusch Kaschani, Markus Kaiser, Christos Gatsogiannis, Stefan Raunser, Tim Clausen & Michael Ehrmann