ZMB Member Hendrik Streeck

Hendrik Streeck

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck

+49 201 723-4225

Fakultät für Biologie/Medizinische Fakultät
Universität Duisburg-Essen
45117 Essen

Research Overview HIV Research for Cure, Prevention and Therapy

  • Understanding the role of HIV-specific T follicular helper cells in the induction of broadly neutralizing anti-viral antibodies
  • Understanding of direct cytotoxic roles of HIV-specific CD4 T cells
  • Identification of factors that influence the susceptibility of CD4 T cells to HIV infection
  • Assessment of HIV-specific CD4 T cell immunodominance patterns and HLA class II restriction
  • Assessment of CD4 T cell mediated factors involved in enhancement of cytolytic activity of HIV-specific CD8 T cells

ZMB Research Programme

Prof. Hendrik Streeck participates in the ZMB research programme II, Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Transplantation.