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IWaTec 2014 students in preparation

We had numerous very good applications this year. The desicion was not easy for the selection committee, but finally the best eight candidates have been chosen. We are very proud that six out of eight participants are young and talented female students. Of course we are also very happy about the two ...

Iwatec Students at Burgplatz in Essen

Students arrived in Germany

This year’s IWaTec students had a long trip behind when they finally reached Essen on September 26th. With a broken ICE train and overloaded taxis they arrived in their destination save, but with much delay. Nice weather and a cultural festival welcomed them on 27th. They are now participating in the ...

Celebration in Fayoum

2nd round of IWaTec finished

The second round students of the IWaTec project finished their 6 months intensive program. During the official ceremony in May the students received their certificates from the president of Fayoum University. The 2nd round was very succesful and fostered the collaboration between the involved scientists and students a lot. Thanks again!

Successful cooperation with TU Berlin

2nd Winter school in El Gouna

“Sustainable Use of Resources: Water and Energy for Egypt” was the topic of this years IWaTec Winter school held at the premises of the TU Berlin Campus El Gouna from Feb, 16th till 20th. In a 5 days comprehensive program more than 50 participants with diverse backgrounds discussed about new developments in the water sector as well as the possibilities of combining water with new energy technologies.

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IWaTec students in Düsseldorf

2nd round of IWaTec nearly finished

Students and tools left Germany

The 2nd round students left Germany mid of February after a very successful 4 months stay with a lot of experiences and some very intersting research results in their bags. Youve done a very good job. Thanks a lot! Now just the last part of the IWaTec program in Egypt is waiting for you... Find out more about the students projects


. Meanwhile also some additional scientific tools for the training and research laboratory arrived at Fayoum University. They will promote the education and research activities of many involved scientists and students as we could already see after the first tools arrived last year.

Picture by Noura Zaghloul: Invasive snail on water plant

Recent publication

Parasites foster collaboration

That the joint efforts through IWaTec can actually have great relevance for the population, is shown by the results of last year's study by the Aquatic Ecology (UDE) and the Parasitology Department of Fayoum University recently published in the online journal PLOS One. In the study, the German and Egyptian scientists were able to show that the invasive snail species Pseudosuccinea columella favor the incidence of human infection with dangerous liver flukes evidently. The previously barely described host-parasite system with the liver fluke Fasciola gigantica is promoted additionally by an non endemic water hyacinth. The snail acting as intermediate host can escape the treatment with snail venom by withdrawing to the leaves of the water hyacinth. In this way two invasive species promote the spread of a domestic parasite and its harmful effect on people. Find the full publication



First IWaTec students finish 6 months program

On April 16th, 2013 the 8 first round students finished the 6 months intensive program of IWaTec. During an official ceremony at Fayoum University the students received their certificates from the president of Fayoum University, Prof. Dr. Abdel Hammed A. Sabry. The first publications of the projects are expected within the next weeks. You did a great job! Thanks a lot!

German Delegation at Fayoum University

During the winter school on "Sustainable Water Technologies" at Fayoum University several Egyptian and German experts gave lectures on different topics of water management, treatment technologies and parasites in the water cycle. Scientific side visits as well as cultural excursions e.g. to the valley of the wales have been organzied by the Egyptian collegues. The president of Fayoum University received the German delegates officially and discussed the further IWaTec plans.

Laboratory at Fayoum University installed

After some struggles at the Egyptian customs the lab equipment finally reached Fayoum University. Some of the tools for the IWaTec lab at faculty of science are installed and the lab is already used for training and research activities. Fayoum University has provided a special lab room for the project purposes.

IWaTec students succesful at international workshop

The IWaTec students presented some of their research results during poster presentations at the international SUSWATEC workshop in Cairo in February 2013. The Scientific Committee has chosen the poster of Ahmed Abdelkarim to win the first price. But also the other IWaTec students did a good job. Another 4 of them received a "special recognition" from the SC for very good scientific posters. Find the posters here

Sustainable Water Technologies

The Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU) together with partners in Germany and Egypt is organzing a workshop from 18-20th February 2013 on Sustainable Water Technologies. Through the DAAD the German Federal Foreign Office is funding this special event for students and young researchers. Several well-known speakers from Germany, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan will participate.

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IWaTec students in Germany

After some complications finally the 8 IWaTec students arrived in Essen on September, 25th. The first introduction meetings will take place this week. On Monday they will start with the summer school in "Enhanced Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment in Urban Systems" with many interesting lectures and site visits as well as some cultural events and workshops. Welcome to Germany!

Effective visit in Egypt

During their 8-days stay in Egypt in a politically very interesting time two representatives of the German IWaTec partners had the chance to visit some institutions and facilities of their Egyptian partners. They were welcomed by the vice-presidents as well as deans and heads of different faculties and labs at FU. They could tour different departmens of the NRC and the central lab and Treatment plant of Fayoum Drinking Water and Sanitation Company (branch of HCWW). In the German Embassy and the DAAD office in Cairo they could gain a lot of support for IWaTec. The Egyptian partners have also organised trips to Qarun lake and Wadi El-Rayan and took care for cultural events, too (Nil cruise, Pyramids, Cairo Citadel).

First IWaTec students nominated

After receiving 115 applications in the very short time of only two weeks, the Steering Committee had a lot of work to decide who will be invited for an personal interview. Finally 36 have been selected and had to present themselfs and their objectives in 20 minutes. A committee (Prof. Shendi, Prof. Badawy, Dr. Khalil, Dr. Gad-Allah, Stephan Köppen, Simon Kustos) finally had to select suitable students for the IWaTec projects. The 8 chosen have excellent qualifications and language skills and are highly motivated. The IWaTec project supervisors as well as the coordination team are happy to have these students to participate in Iwatec.

IWaTec topics planned

During their one-month stay in Essen, five Egyptian scientists had the opportunity to visit some waterworks, waste water treatment plants and research facilities located in the Ruhr area. In addition, several meetings were held with different research groups at UDE for detailed discussions on potential research projects for IWaTec students. The discussions were very fruitful and many ideas for master theses were identified. The suggested proposals for master theses will be prepared in close collaboration among the German and Egyptian scientists. The Steering Committee of IWaTec will be responsible for the selection of a number of projects that will be later offered to the first batch of IWaTec students.

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Successful Kick-off-Meeting

During the Kick-off-workshop on April, 16th and 17th, 2012, scientists from Germany and Egypt grouped together and discussed the planned activities of IWaTec. The Rectorships of Fayoum University and the University of Duisburg-Essen signed a Memorandum of Understanding as well as an Agreement for Student Exchange. During the workshop, several presentations were given by representatives of the Egyptian partners, i.e. Fayoum University, Egypt Nanotechnology Center, National Research Center, and the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water (HCWW) as well as from German partners like some water related research groups from University of Duisburg-Essen, IWW Water Centre and IUTA e.V.. A scientific Steering Committee was installed.

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