4 main fields of interest

Within the project there are 4 main fields of interest in the water sector. This fields can be found in the educational part of IWaTec as well as in the research part e.g. for possible master thesis topics for the coming students or joint research projects between the cooperation partners.

This main areas are:

  • Water Chemistry

  • Water Microbiology and Health

  • Water Engineering

  • Water Management

Projects 2014 - application closed!

The applicants for the 3rd round of IWaTec had to apply sharply on one or two of the following projects. A description is included in the pdf (open by clicking the project name). The application procedure and requirements are decribed under application.

  1. Genetic Studies and Molecular Identification of lymnaeid snails (Family Lymnaeidae) in certain governorates in Egypt
  2. Evaluation of the biogas potential from rice straw with help of enzymes
  3. Removal of organic pollutants by an immobilized photocatalyst in presence of solar light
  4. Development of integrated wastewater treatment systems with algae for small communities
  5. Laser-generated Polymer Nanocomposites for Water Purification
  6. Manufacturing of photocatalytic Janus-Particles and testing their effectiveness
  7. Surface Modification of NF and RO membranes by Layer by Layer Assembly
  8. Ultrathin Reverse Osmosis Membranes by Layer by Layer Assembly

There is no possibility to fund or support any other projects within IWaTec, only the listed projects are available. Applications not stating one or two specific projects will not be considered for the short-list.

IWaTec projects 2013 - finished

The 2nd round IWaTec students presented their research results during the 2nd Winter school in EL Gouna. Find out more by choosing the topic:

Ammonium Removal using Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox Process)

Banana Peel as Alternative Bio-sorbent Material for Removal of 2-Chlorophenol from Water

Effect of some Physico-Chemical Parameters on Abundance of Trematode Smails in Fayoum Governorate, Egypt

Modeling wastewater treatment process in Zenin WWTP with focus on energy consumption and treatment performance

Photocatalytic performance of pyrite FeS2 prepared via ball milling technique

Studies for the development of a quantitative investigation method of oxidized Polyamide RO membranes

Surface Modification for Ultrafiltration Membranes in Water Purification Systems to prevent Biofouling

Synthesis and Characterization of Efficient Polyamide Thin Film Nanocomposite Membranes

IWaTec projects 2012 - finished

In the first round of IWaTec 8 Egyptian students have worked on the following projects. The first results have been presented during the SUWATEC workshop in Cairo in February 2013. For a short insight, you can click on the project and a poster for the specific project will open.