2018 Ruhr PhD Forum - Program

Friday, 26 January 2018: Ruhr-University Bochum, GB 5/160 (Sitzungssaal der Fakultät für Philologie), Universitätsstr. 150, 44780 Bochum

12:00-12:10 Welcome


12:10-12:50 Anna Krüger (UDE) "'I swear fealty to you:' Romance, Star-Crossed Lovers and National Narratives in The 100"
13:50-14:30 Tatjana Neubauer (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz) "The O.J. Simpson Case: Media Coverage and Filmic Adaptation"
14:30-15:10 Sandra Danneil (TUD) "The Horror of Literature: The Simpsons' 'Treehouse of Horror,' Quality TV and How We Keep in Line with Shelley, Poe and Wells"

14:10-14:40 Coffee Break

14:40-16:40 Panel 2: COLD CANONS + GLOBAL POETRY

14:40-15:20 Hanna Rückl (TUD) "'The Revolution Will Be Translated:' Translators as Activists"
15:20-16:00 Anna Bongers (RUB) "Osman Bauman in Global Waters"
16:00-16:40 Matthew Blackwell (TUD/U of Iowa) "Creating Cold War Canon: A History of the Center for Editions of American Authors"

16:40-17:10 Coffee Break

17:10-19:10 Panel 3: BLACK SCREENS + WHITE NOISE

17:10-17:50 Johannes Kohrs (FU Berlin) "I Am Not Your (Post-)Race Man"
17:50-18:30 Burcu Basaran (UDE) "Paper Families and Blood Mothers in Fae Myenne Ng's Steer Toward Rock"
18:30-19:10 Antoni Górny (U of Warsaw) "Liminality and the Reinvention of Blackness in Blaxploitation Films of the 1970s"

19:30 Dinner at Q-WEST

Saturday, 27 January 2018: University Duisburg-Essen, Casino (Campus Essen), Reckhammerweg 3, 45141 Essen

9:30-11:30 Panel 1: BODY POLITICS | Chair: Nicole Feyerherm and Sina Guse

9:30-10:10 Adam von Wald (UDE) "Negotiations of Identity and Belonging: Gay Conservatism and the Log Cabin Republicans"
10:10-10:50 Dilara Serhat-Sawitzki_(TUD) | Gender in the Culture of Science in Carl Djerassi's Cantor's Dilemma (1989)"
10:50-11:30 Rafael Alves Azevedo (UDE) "'Let's put it back together:' Reconstruction in the 1990s American Superhero Comics"

11:30 -12:00 Brunch-to-Stay

12:00-13:20 Panel 2: UNITED COLORS OF SPACE (side a) | Chair: Dana Dominique Bertram

12:00-12:40 Tazalika M. te Reh (TUD) "Why Architects Need to Discuss the Racial and Why Cultural Studies Need to Discuss Architecture"
12:40-13:20 Lindsay Weuthen (TUD) "50 Shades of Green: The Narratives of Green Building Standards and Green Cities"

13:20-13:50 Coffee and Wine

13:50-15:10 Panel 3: UNITED COLORS OF SPACE (side b) | Chair: Rebekka Wittke

13:50-14:30 Bilal Souda (TUD) "Ameen Rihani and Whitman: New York City from an Arab American Perspective"
14:30-15:10 Lena Mattheis (UDE) "Translocal Mapping in Tendai Huchu's The Maestro, the Magistrate & the Mathematician"

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