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My Habilitation
to Obtain the Privatdozent (Priv.-Doz.) Degree

The SCTP Project

💡 What is a Habilitation?

Short Description

A habilitation is like a PhD after a PhD.

Long Description

"Habilitation is the highest academic qualification a scholar can achieve by his or her own pursuit in several European and Asian countries. Earned after obtaining a research doctorate, such as a PhD, habilitation requires the candidate to write a professorial thesis (often known as a Habilitationsschrift, or Habilitation treatise) based on independent scholarship, reviewed by and defended before an academic committee in a process similar to that for the doctoral dissertation. However, the level of scholarship has to be considerably higher than that required for a research doctoral (PhD) thesis in terms of quality and quantity, and must be accomplished independently, in contrast with a PhD dissertation typically directed or guided by a faculty supervisor."

Source: Wikipedia

Further Information

More details can be found in Wikipedia. The full habilitation procedure at the University of Duisburg-Essen is defined in the corresponding Habilitationsordnung (in German language).

🖼️ Pictures of the Presentation Day

The IEM-TdR Team Priv.-Doz. Dr. Thomas Dreibholz

🖋️ Publications

The complete BibTeX references in a single file can be found here!


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