Project description

This project proposal is concerned with several basic questions about global equivariant homotopy theory, where the adjective `global' refers to simultaneous and compatible actions of all compact Lie groups. The framework is the model for global stable homotopy theory based on the category of orthogonal spectra, using a finer notion of equivalence than is usually considered, namely the global equivalences. The basic underlying observation is that every orthogonal spectrum gives rise to an orthogonal $G$-spectrum for every compact Lie group $G$, and the fact that all these individual equivariant objects come from one orthogonal spectrum implicitly encodes strong compatibility conditions as the group G varies. Prominent examples of global theories that can be modeled in this framework are equivariant stable homotopy, equivariant $K$-theory or equivariant bordism.

This project is a continuation of a project from the first funding period of the SPP 1786; specific aims in the second funding period are to develop and study:
- A global deloop of explicit Brauer induction
- Global localizations and the multifold ways of inverting the Bott class
- Realizing algebraic structure by ultra-commutative multiplications

Related publications

Published articles

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