SPP 1786-Proposals for Events and Visitors

Conferences, workshops and summer schools

The SPP 1786 welcomes proposals for conferences, workshops and other events that further the goals of the SPP: to advance mathematics on the nexus of homotopy theory and algebraic geometry. As a general rule, such events need to be held in Germany. You can apply for SPP support of events by sending a proposal to the SPP Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Marc Levine marc.levine@uni-due.de

with the subject line ``SPP 1786 conference proposal"

Applications should include a description of the event, including dates and location, a list of organizers and proposed speakers, and a budget, detailing the proposed use of funds. The application should make clear the connection with the goals of the SPP. Applications may be made at any time, recognizing that organizers should leave ample time for the Steering Committee to evaluate the proposal.

Organizers receiving SPP support for their event will need to submit a report after the conclusion of the event, listing speakers and participants, as well as giving a detailed description of the use of funds.

Visitors and exchanges

The SPP 1786 welcomes proposals for funding visiting graduate students, postdocs and senior researchers. As a general rule, the host needs to be located in Germany. The SPP also welcomes proposals for funding visits or exchanges involving personnel of DFG projects funded through the SPP. Applications should be submitted by the prospective host, and should include a description of the research program, explaining the connection to the SPP, curricula vitae of host and visitor, the dates of the visit, and a proposed budget.

As for conference proposals, the host will need to submit a report after the conclusion of the visit, described the activities that took place, preprints or publications arising out of the visit, and detailing the use of funds.

The SPP distinguishes between ``short-term" and ``long-term" visits. A short-term visit is one of up to 3 months. Applications for short-term visits may be made at any time. A long-term visit is one of more than 3 months, up to one year. Applications for long-term visits may only be submitted in response to a call from the Steering Committee. The SPP does not fund visits of more than one year. As for events, applications for funding visitors should be made to the Coordinator, with the subject line ``SPP 1786 visiting position proposal".

Call for long-term visitors

February 22, 2018: The SPP 1786 is calling for proposals for long-term visitors, with a proposal deadline of March 30, 2018. This is for funding visits for a period of more than three months and up to a year. Please follow the guidlines for submitting proposals as explained in the section ``Visitors and exchanges".