Publications arising from SPP 1786-related activities

Mixed Hodge structures in homotopy theory

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Motivic stack inertia for modui spaces of curves, variation of periods and multiple zeta values in genus 0 and 1.

Benjamin Collas, Sylvain Maugeais, On Galois action on stack inertia of moduli spaces of curves. arXiv:1412.4644.

Motivic iterated integrals and integral points

Ishai Dan-Cohen, and Stefan Wewers, Mixed Tate motives and the unit equation. International Mathematics Research Notices, Issue 17, 2016

Ishai Dan-Cohen, Explicit motivic Chabauty-Kim theory III: towards the polylogarithmic quotient over general number fields. 28 pages.

Motives with modulus

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Characterizations and uniqueness of the stable motivic homotopy category

J. Hornbostel, M. Wendt, Chow-Witt rings of classifying spaces for symplectic and special linear groups,

Applications of motivic methods to differential forms and birational geometry

Annette Huber, Stefan Kebekus, Shane Kelly, Differential forms in positive characteristic avoiding resolution of singularities.

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Motivic filtrations over Dedekind domains

Alexey Ananyevskiy, Marc Levine and Ivan Panin, Witt sheaves and the $\eta$-inverted sphere spectrum preprint (April 2015) arXiv:1504.04860 [math.AT]

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The Summand BtmfP of MU<6>

Gerd Laures, Characteristic classes in TMF of level Γ1(3), Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 368 (2016), no. 10, 7339--7357.

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Expansion principles for topological automorphic forms

Hanno von Bodecker and Sebastian Thyssen, On p-local Topological Automorphic Forms for U(1,1;Z[i]). arXiv:1609.08869, 2016


New examples of logarithmic ring spectra

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Operadic structures in motivic homotopy theory

Kyle Ormsby, Oliver Röndigs, Paul Arne Østvær, Vanishing in stable motivic homotopy sheaves arXiv:1704.04744

Oliver Röndigs, On the η-inverted sphere. arXiv:1602.08798

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Global equivariant homotopy theory

Markus Hausmann, Symmetric spectra model global homotopy theory of finite groups, arXiv:1509.09270

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Odd primary equivariant rigidity and equivariant derivators

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Irakli Patchkoria, Constanze Roitzheim, Rigidity and exotic models for $v_1$-local $G$-equivariant stable homotopy theory, arXiv:1705.03855

Oriented cohomology theories and equivariant motives

A. Neshitov, V. Petrov, N. Semenov, K. Zainoulline, Motivic decompositions of twisted flag varieties and representations of Hecke-type algebras,

V. Petrov, N. Semenov, Rost motives, affine varieties, and classifying spaces,