Abstract of Klaas Spronk,

"Hosea als onderdeel van het boek van de twaalf profeten"
[Hosea as Part of the Book of the Minor Prophets]

Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities (ACEBT) 17, 1999, 23-36.

(Many thanks to Klaas Spronk for providing this abstract)

This article offers a survey of recent research on the history of redaction of the twelve minor prophets as one book. Special attention is given to the studies of K. Budde, R.E. Wolfe, R. Coggins, T. Collins, J.D. Nogalski, E. Bosshard-Nepustil, and A. Schart. It cannot be denied that the reasons behind the canonical order of the Twelve were not only chronological but sometimes also of a thematic nature. There are also many crossreferences between the prophetic books, but it is far from certain that this would point at a process of redaction. It is more likely to think here of one prophet influencing the other.

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