Universität Duisburg-Essen
Fachbereich Mathematik, Campus Essen
Anita Winter

08th April 2012

Seminar (2SWS)
Sommer Semester 2012
Monday, 16.15-17.45; V13 S03 C34

Probabilistic Models in Population Genetics


  1. 16.04.2012; Introduction in the topic and organization of the presentations, Anita Winter
  2. 07.05.2012; Wright-Fisher Model and the Kingman Coalescent (Durrett, Section 1.2; Etheridge, Sections 2.1,2.6),
  3. 14.05.2012; Effective Population Size (HPP, Section 3; Durrett, Section 4.4)
  4. 21.05.2012; Adding Mutation, Infinite Alleles Model, Ewens' Sampling formula (Durrett, Section 1.3),
  5. 05.06.2012; Infinite Sites Model (Durrett, Section 1.4),
  6. 12.06.2012; Recombination and Linkage disequilibrium (HPP, Section 6),
  7. 19.06.2012; Counting Recombination events and estimating recombination rates (Durrett, Section 3.5,3.6),
  8. 26.06.2012; Various forms of selection (HPP, Section 8; Durrett, Sections 6.1,6.2,6.3),
  9. 02.07.2012; Mueller's Rachet (Durrett, Section 6.4),
  10. 09.07.2011; Hitchhiking and Selective Sweeps (Durrett, Section 6.5,6.7),

What should I know if I want to participate?
The Seminar is offered as part of the Master Program in Mathematics. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the topic you are very welcome to participate and contribute with a presentation. Preknowledge in probability theory and stochastic processes as well as interest in population genetics are of great advantage. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail for more information:

anita(dot)winter `at' due(dot)de