Universität Duisburg-Essen
Fachbereich Mathematik, Campus Essen
Anita Winter

04th April 2014

Reading Seminar (2SWS)
Sommer Semester 2014
Monday, 14.15-15.45; WSC-S-U-3.03

Reading Seminar

In this seminar we present papers which we are reading in detail while writing our final thesis: master thesis, diploma thesis or PhD thesis. If your are interested in becoming a master student in probability theory you are also welcome to join.

Tentative Schedule:

  1. 07.04.2014; Introduction in the topic and organization of the presentations, Anita Winter
  2. 05.05.2014; A stochastic model for phylogenetic trees, Mussarat Mouri
  3. 12.05.2014; Metric Measure Spaces and the Reconstruction Theorem, , Roland Meizis
  4. 19.05.2014; The impact of selection in the Lambda-Wright-Fisher model, Ruth Heselhaus
  5. 26.05.2014; Survival and extinction in a locally regulated population, Johannes Fiedler
  6. 02.06.2014; Zero-One Law for Directional Transience of One Dimensional Excited Random Walks, Tim Schönberger
  7. 16.06.2014; Brownian motion on snakes and spiders (Steven N. Evans), Fabian Gerle
  8. 23.06.2014; Random walks on disordered media and their scaling limits (Takashi Kumagai), Chapter 2, Max Präfgen
  9. 07.07.2014; Valentin Fitz; Random fitness landscapes: existence of monotone paths
  10. 14.07.2014; Random walks on disordered media and their scaling limits (Takashi Kumagai), Chapter 3, Florian Königs

What should I know if I want to participate?
The Seminar is offered as part of the Master Program in Mathematics. Nevertheless, if you are interested in probability theory you are very welcome to participate and contribute with a presentation. Preknowledge in probability theory and stochastic processes are of great advantage. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail for more information:

anita(dot)winter `at' due(dot)de