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C. Gneiting and K. Hornberger
Nonclassical correlations from dissociation-time entanglement
Appl. Phys. B 95, 237 (2009)


We discuss a strongly entangled two-particle state of motion that emerges naturally from the double-pulse dissociation of a diatomic molecule. This state, which may be called dissociation-time entangled, permits the unambiguous demonstration of non-classical correlations by violating a Bell inequality based on switched single particle interferometry and only position measurements. We apply time-dependent scattering theory to determine the detrimental effect of dispersion. The proposed setup brings into reach the possibility of establishing non-classical correlations with respect to system properties that are truly macroscopically distinct.

(8 pages, 2 figures)

[journal, eprint arXiv:0901.2253 ]                   (c) Springer 2009