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J. Trost and K. Hornberger
The twisted arc model for chiral molecules
Chem. Phys. 335, 115-123 (2007)


We present a simple model for chiral molecules which yields the frequency-dependent multipole-multipole polarizabilities required for calculating the dispersive van der Waals constants in a simple, closed, and consistent form. The model consists of a single effective charge confined to a one-dimensional wire formed by two circular arcs, which are twisted with respect to each other by an angle characterizing the chirality. The resulting polarizabilities show a simple functional dependence on the model parameters, and they serve to mimic the chiral properties of small molecules, such as H2S2, in a reasonably realistic way.

(9 pages, 4 figures)    [journal, eprint arXiv:physics/0703252]           (c) Elsevier 2007