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M. Busse and K. Hornberger
Emergence of pointer states in a non-perturbative environment
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42, 362001 (2009)


We show that the pointer basis distinguished by collisional decoherence consists of exponentially localized, solitonic wave packets. Based on the orthogonal unraveling of the quantum master equation, we characterize their formation and dynamics, and we demonstrate that the statistical weights arising from an initial superposition state are given by the required projection. Since the spatial width of the pointer states can be obtained by accounting for the gas environment in a microscopically realistic fashion, one may thus calculate the coherence length of a strongly interacting gas.

(8 pages, 1 figure)

[pdf, journal, eprint arXiv:0905.4609]                   (c) IOP 2009