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B. A. Stickler, K. Hornberger, and M. S. Kim
Quantum rotations of nanoparticles
Nat. Rev. Phys. 3, 589-597 (2021)


Rotations of microscale rigid bodies exhibit pronounced quantum phenomena that do not exist for their centre-of-mass motion. By levitating nanoparticles in ultra-high vacuum, researchers are developing a promising platform for observing and exploiting these quantum effects in an unexplored mass and size regime. Recent experimental and theoretical breakthroughs demonstrate exquisite control of nanoscale rotations, setting the stage for the first tabletop tests of rotational superpositions and for the next generation of ultra-precise torque sensors. Here, we review the experimental state of the art and discuss promising routes towards quantum rotations.

(9 pages, 5 figures)

[article, journal, eprint arXiv:2102.00992] (pdf available upon request)

doi:10.1038/s42254-021-00335-0                    (c) Nature Publishing Group