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B. A. Stickler, B. Papendell, S. Kuhn, B. Schrinski, J. Millen, M. Arndt and K. Hornberger
Probing macroscopic quantum superpositions with nanorotors
New J. Phys. 20, 122001 (2018)


Whether quantum physics is universally valid is an open question with far-reaching implications. Intense research is therefore invested into testing the quantum superposition principle with ever heavier and more complex objects. Here we propose a radically new, experimentally viable route towards studies at the quantum-to-classical borderline by probing the orientational quantum revivals of a nanoscale rigid rotor. The proposed interference experiment testifies a macroscopic superposition of all possible orientations. It requires no diffraction grating, uses only a single levitated particle, and works with moderate motional temperatures under realistic environmental conditions. The first exploitation of quantum rotations of a massive object opens the door to new tests of quantum physics with submicron particles and to quantum gyroscopic torque sensors, holding the potential to improve state-of-the-art devices by many orders of magnitude.

(10 pages, 4 figures)

[pdf, journal, eprint arXiv:1803.01778]