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B. Schrinski, S. Nimmrichter, and K. Hornberger
Quantum-classical hypothesis tests in macroscopic matter-wave interferometry
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033034 (2020)


We assess the most macroscopic matter-wave experiments to date as to the extent to which they probe the quantum-classical boundary by demonstrating interference of heavy molecules and cold atomic ensembles. To this end, we consider a rigorous Bayesian test protocol for a parametrized set of hypothetical modifications of quantum theory, including well-studied spontaneous collapse models, that destroy superpositions and reinstate macrorealism. The range of modification parameters ruled out by the measurement events quantifies the macroscopicity of a quantum experiment, while the shape of the posterior distribution resulting from the Bayesian update reveals how conclusive the data are at testing macrorealism. This protocol may serve as a guide for the design of future matter-wave experiments ever closer to truly macroscopic scales.

(12 pages, 9 figures, Open access)   [pdf, journal]